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empty he-art heart heart heart 
(oh oh oh) 
My he-art heart heart heart heart 
(oh oh oh ohohoh) 

She's got her a suspicions. 
(x-ray x-ray x-ray
Well, baby here's your big surprise, yeah 
I've got x-ray eyes, ahh 
And I can see right through your lies, ahh 

One day you'll see, you'll come
She was a true loser
And he was nothing more
They met one another
She showed him her x-rays
He turned on his flashlight of love
She showed him
X RAY Delta 1
This is Mission Control.
Roger you are one niner-three zero

Things are changing
But nothing changes
And still there are changes
Foxtrot, Uniform, Whiskey, Romeo
Whiskey, Charlie, Oscar, X-Ray
Echo, India, Uniform

Delta, Lima, Quebec, Foxtrot
Echo, India, Quebec, India
Patiently awaiting any word from my command

Telekinetic dynamite
Psychic warfare is real
You better believe me, brother, X-ray vision
Telekinetic prophetic
As far as I know, sister, I'm alright
As far as I know, funky lady, I'm coming home tonight
(You can see through the smoke)

You're an x-ray man
can't hide the lies, you make me crazy 
Well its getting kinda raw 
Your words are not enough 
No matter what you say 
I'll just turn away 

I see your eyes x-ray my insides.
Youæ?®e screaming death to me, waiting for me to die.
I see your eyes x-ray my insides.
The rockstar autopsy. You
or to wake

There's no need to worry 'bout such a small thing
Just X-rays are passing through me and this is my life
Just X-rays are passing through...
All the kids want x-ray eyes
So they can see when grown-ups lies
They got their minds set on the price
The kids want x-ray eyes

Back in 1983 first
Don't be fooled by appearances,
It only shows what the world already knows
Don't rely on the physical evidence
Of what the x-ray pictures show
it to you slow now.

She looks through me like an x-ray
Like a fire burning out of the fireplace
She looks through me like an x-ray
I'm saying all
The doctor was looking at the X-ray
And I asked him, "What do you see?"
And he kept on looking at the X-ray
As he said in French to me:

"I see
at all
I care of nothing

So can you persuade me
I will for the dying..

No star for the blackened youth
The empyrean x-ray
Yeah, distorted
LOOMED through the door
I Saw an X-Ray of a girl passing gas
The one shot theory got a query things got rolling at last
Hey, HEY hey daddy, why die in
Brought the X-ray photo to the world 
Brought the AC power to the world 

Here is a mind 
That can see across space 
Here is a mind
I'm just a vision on your TV screen
Just something conjured from a dream
Seen thro' your x-ray eyes,
A see-thro' scene

The image is no images
(Kann ich deine Hand halten? Sie haben uns gesagt nie direkt hinein zu schauen)
Peering deep into the light
X-ray hamburgers tonight
In the book X-Ray the decrepit old rock 'n' roll singer talks about this
Mystery girl he used to know when he was on the road. It's a girl he calls
on the fresh cut Astroturf

Memorized Lines
Rehearse the Play
See right through me
Like an X-ray

You're robbing a bank with a fake toy gun
it's driving us all insane 
The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes 
It's not a surprise 
Nothing really matters to him 

Spies, looking into my window 
to me,
New relief will free your fantasy.
You will lose the anguish in your life
Happiness is all that stays inside
No one knows
Captured by a look from her x-ray eyes
She looked right through my best disguise

Drinking gin and tonic anything but shy
She took me by the hand,
could but perceive
To know ultra violet, infra-red and X-rays
Beauty to find in so many ways

Two notes of the chord, that's our full scope
But to reach

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