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right the color of a fight you move me you're the color of the colored part of the wizard of oz movie

Were like romeo and Juliet were like 40 dogs
"Wizards, Witchdoctors, Sorcerers, Black Magic!"
"God bless Mike E Clark, ICP, Twiztid, and most of all, all you juggalos and everyone
Wizards, Witchdoctors, Sorcerers, Black Magic!
God bless Mike E Clark, I-C-P, Twiztid, and most of all, all you juggalos and everyone
No one's gonna lace you, like I do
I get around babe, I'm a straight gamer.

Verse 1 *(Black C)*

Chapter one
I'm blowin up the scene wit my gun
and smokin Mary Jane

[ VERSE 2: Spice 1 ]
My life is full of sin, too much drama in California
Niggas runnin up on ya to dump and put you in a coma
Or worse,
unless we get violent

Wildin', this is for my niggas that smoke weed
Live life by the day, count the proceed
Blow it back, blowin' cash in the OZ
piece of shit raps get bitch-slapped
'Til it's all pitch black like Satchel Paige
Session - and I must be dissing a tramp

Man, nobody likes me, I
[3] - I'm going to vauco in my black seville
I follow two my behind a truck with half a mil
I make my first stop at my homeboys ranch 
I ask him

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