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at your chart
It's peaking out again
Found shrapnel in you heart
And lodged inside your brain
Get used to throwing darts at copies of my head
Or wholemeal
wholemeal, shut ya mout
Because your team's wack
Couldn't even get me on a loan deal
Man are like fam, P, man that bread line's mad
I just got it, that's
towards our wallets as the supermarket beckons

Cars transforming into skaters
Wholemeal, whole ground master bakers
A range of products made by Quakers
Put the flour in the bowl,
Wholemeal, white or brown.
Sieve out any soggy bits,
Stir it all around.
Make a hollow in the flour,
Pour the water in:
Yuppies, I've been taught,
Are keen on sport
Two slices wholemeal loaf
Into towelette jogging suit
Once round the park
Quick game of squash
wholemeal bread
And when she saw the size
Of his hot meat pies
It very near turned her head
She nearly swooned at his macaroon
And he said now if you
I'm eating, I confess, I dine for two
A loaf of wholemeal bread and wine
I'm cheating, I confess, and I'm confused
I'm cheating on a dead wife

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