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em what you want Kid Capri"

Man I need a VCR, really (really, really)
I thought you was going to lookout, BILLY
You told me to be here six o'clock
Me think dip dy dip to the socialize 
Of americal not America mer 
Medler rich peddler "hold up? 
Which ways up whatever high 
Heather by bush push
a fan?
That nigga gave us Billie Jean, you say he touched those kids?
When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

The ghost of Mandela, hope my flows
said, Jodie - oh!"
I said, "You must be down with the rodeo
The way you ride, it might sound silly
But you're ridin up and down like Bronco Billy"
Outcasted to the shadows 'cause you don't look right
Hypnotized by the eyes from the average muthafucka
Chrome to his dome, if he cries, he's a busta