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you in my life ever more (Come on!)

[Chorus: Patti LaBelle]
I know it cannot happen without you, you you, without you, oh, oh oh oh
Without you
the news today
Did you read the morning paper
Isn't the picture very clear
Where do we go from here

Did you read the morning paper
Did you see
We're hoping it
gets better.
Where's the snowman
you're always building
with your friends?
This world is heating up
like ember.
I want to see it all
This is my diary of broken dreams, 
A monument over me, 
Page after page twists my mind with grief

What I should but never did, 
How could I
Did I catch my breath and slow down
To a walk and then to rest

Front page news     
Headline story
Front page news     
Headline story

Well I
your wrist at?
I can kill you in four bars, that's a Kit Kat
Did the Lambo my way with a sick wrap
Smooth as Frank Sinatra with a motherfucking slick
Did we leave it for tomorrow
Find new rooms behind closed doors
Shouldn't go there so soon
Said goodbye to fading summer
And by that last walk
might be here waiting
It was time to go and so you did
So you did

Oh, come see why I've fallen
And where I've come back from

And stay to understand my
of my childhood games
With kids nearly grown and gone
Grown so fast
Like the turn of a page
We look like our mothers did now
When we were those kids'
Probably should have called to warn you.

But I'm stopping by. I'm stopping by, Daddy.

How did your life turn out? Do you ever think about
a teenage
and gone
Grown so fast
Like the turn of a page
We look like our mothers did now
When we were those kids' age
Nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long
between the pages of my heart

In the fields where are you?
Are you hiding yourself there still?
Oh in the fields where are you?
Are you hiding
down to you and me
Is it everything you want it to be
I wanted you all along
So where did we go wrong?

Never had a lot of money
But we spent
And standing by the ruined gate
Just for the fish to catch their bate
And then my love to dark tunnel we shall go

Where are my little slaves and why are
get the music of my mind
And I couldn't leave the needing you behind

Read the word from the page
Free the bird from the cage
Just go out there
And from now, there is no other

Started as friends, but now my heart says different
All week and all day long we kick it
How did we go from there to here?
the page
And I feel the ground beneath me give
Close around my eyes and I am sleepy

where in my life did this begin
What happens now
If I admit

I'm tempted
this, oh yeah,
And knew that I mean it. I did.
Yeah I could fill every page with all my ways
That I tried to understand.
Wished things could be
I'm on the right page but what's my format
I wave to the ocean cause I'm where shores at
And women go nuts just like my bozack
Did you know that?
Tyrese let's go 
She's playin' with my heart 
She's playin' all this games 
Stayin' in my mind 
Drivin' me insane

I just wanna fly far away from
, I've had enough
Rise above

I can't change what I've done
So leave the past where it lays
I'll get through this
I've clinched my fist and I'll find
Back in the form of mist
You wishin' you did the Knowledge before speakin'
Seekin', where you went wrong
And why would I bring you such physical harm?
to retrieve seven digits
But I promised I would call you when I got home
But, when I got home I never did
By the time I did, heard that you had a kid
By some
You can tell by the way I walk, the way I flow from around here
Nigga Midwest where the weed ain't the best but we came up
Now we get flew from
I was taught to act my shoe size, never my age
I always judge a book by the cover, never the page
I never judge a murder by weapons, only the rage