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or d-i-i-i-e}
Right now by any meanz
{Words is bond word is bond}

[Ja Rule]
Now what I love is to see my niggaz on top
And I feel that we can't be stopped
[Ja Rule]
Uh, yeah 
It's Ja Rule baby
It's E-Dub
Def Squad
why'all motherfuckers think it's a game right?
Get da name right
You're tuned to the sound of
R-E-G-G-A-E, hey
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation

1800, I'm blunted, fa cert'
Snoop d-o-dub', pocket full of dubs
All my niggas dubs, rollin' on candy
Feelin' like meh, square bitches can't stand me
It's like that to the maximum
Shaggy (Ha)
Sylva (Ha)
Rub-a-dub injection for them
She say 
like Killa Cam

The on-the-grind pilot's, flyin again
Usin my name you a passenger, so keep silent

E's what you're listenin to!Def Squad

The crew
hands up
L - in your Lex or your Lands, turn the jams up
L - not stutterin' the name, who's the man, what? (Montell)
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, c'mon

M - my
[Erick Sermon]
{I'M NOT HIM} Nope, it's E don't trip
Word to Cam'Ron, man my Set stay Dipped
We rock Nike Airs, the flyest wears, yeah
We got Flavor
Uh, yeah
Yeah, feel me!

When I'm on the scene I always rock the spot
The E-R-I-C-K is my name I spell
I'm the capital P, capital M
40 then I front you
A block on a plate, take a line if you want to
You know that you want to, I know what'chu gonna do

It's my party, buy a dub if
[pmd]	yeh.. erick sermon.. epmd.. check it
[e-dub]	redman.. method man.. lady luck.. def jam
[pmd]	erick and parrish millennium ducats
Hold me
that neck, not playing with a full deck 

Make a nigga sweat below the waist line by my johnson 

Where my tools kept, who I be? The code name PMD
clothes ain't know what to call mine
No logos or no tags in it
No polos 'til I started bag-gin' it
Way before my first key
My nigga E showed me
trying to earn a mere buck or two
Yo my name's e-dub, so who the fuck are you?
I'm locking it down now, and that's that
I'm the bigga nigga, supreme
Nick name my rims deime (d-e-i-m-e) cause they older then me
At the age of 15 man, doin big thinkgs man,
Don't hate dog! (why) cause you ain't me
Sermon, learn my name
(Love is) - When I come through your spot
With no security guards, just me and the Squad, uhh
I got love, a cat got checked by
the gen I us, E Dub
He be the one that rocks the house, so crazy (so crazy baby)
All my people out there show love (show love) keep bouncing
sayin, That's Erick Sermon

He be the gen I us, E Dub
He be the one that rocks the house, so crazy (so crazy baby)
All my people out there show love (show
you, yeah
Open your mind
Check it out, tell me what you find
Here to document a situation
The sounds of the Asian dub foundation
Hope and glory
you just gotta see it man
I'm sitting on Dubs, kinda like a blank tape
You see them rocks in my teeth, ain't none of em fake
Give me a break, you
game what is your name 
Do you understand what I say 
Are you confused by the words that I choose 
And if you are should I slow down 
So io so io so
split the wiggidy-water

[Chorus: x2]
You intrigued by the way, we do our thing
Do what?
Pick up the mic, hot, and make you swing
Say what?
Pick up
it mo'fuckah
You heard what I said man, that's real (what the deal)

It's E-Dub, pronounce it right
Eyes green like Kryptonite, so good night!
Mic Doc and E Dub the Grand Imperial
My mic`s deadly, so I scratched off the serial
and stashed it, until I have to kill at will
Keep it movin,
Everytime y'all can't fuck with big my brother Dub-see (bitch)
L-Burn y'all, L-Burn y'all, Thug By Nature
Y'all know what time it is
Yeah, nigga

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