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a mill worth of ice what it bought for me I'm on tha bubble kush man thats a rich high I order Cris by the case I'm a rich guy I'm 25 but I ride like I
Instead you went to nowhere and forgot

So I wander on
Asking where you might have gone
From what I knew before
Some things are worth fighting for

to bottom and we turn and climb again
And it seems by the time that I have figured what it's worth
The squeaking of our skin against the steel has gotten
an angelic boy, stuck in my head,
And this is what he said,

"I am gopher boy, pondering reality,
I am gopher boy, Who will buy my raspberries?"

niggas like a nigga been doin'. 

Nigga  we got the whole no limit motherfuckin' family representing. 
Them niggas Kane and Abel  am I my
Put nothing above him
Help him to see what he's worth
Can I tend to his needs?
When he's down to his knees?
Can I still see the light in his
Kicked in, think I might be finished 
The ball game heads for the worse, for what it's worth I might just fall off the edge of 
The earth,
But I don't suppose it's worth the price,
It's worth the price
The price that I would pay

Everyone keeps asking, (what's it all about?)
I used to be so
really worth
No to X rated
Yo mi tek har outta bugah red and put her in a tall skirt
And now she find out what life is really worth
No to X rated

I am done pretending
You have failed to find what's left
I will suck you dry again
Some are not worth saving
You are such a pretty mess
I will choke
worth but she seemed to be worth 

Oh, what a fool I have been 
I was sure taken by him 

Yeah, I'm her yesterday man 
Well my friends that's what I

For what it's worth 
I am standing here amazed 
By the wonders that Your mighty hands have made 

I don't deserve 
To be covered by Your
I am

Talk is cheap, it ain't worth a dime
So don't talk to me, just five me some time
I'm gonna show you what love can be
My job won't be done
Betrayed my blood
To save my son
A hopeless choice to make
But who am I, if not the one who's meant to keep him safe?

Is trust and loyalty
than Star Trek, StarTec phones

Your genes and DNA is used to make clones 
You got CD-Rom, everythang operates by computers
Then what happens when
than Star Trek, StarTec phones
Your genes and DNA is used to make clones 
You got CD-Rom, everything operates by computers
Then what happens when
"What am I offered good folks?" he cried
"Who will start the bidding for me?
A dollar, one dollar, two, only two
Two dollars who will make it three
to You I am an open book
You know every page by heart
From the ending to the start
Open book - my life is like an open book
As I read between the lines
'm only finding comfort in knowing you can't replace me
What a thing to say! But what am I to do?
I'm role playing a conscious nigga
And true is true
What I'm searching for
To tell it straight, I'm trying to build a wall
Walking by myself
Down avenues that reek of time to kill
If you see me keep
But I don't suppose it's worth the price
Worth the price, the price that I would pay

Everyone keeps asking, what's it all about?
I used to be so
and wrong set forth for me
If I am half of this my simple pride will be released

Never believed, deceived by the foolish
The weak embody lies

Here in
self-preservation is a full time occupation.
I'm determined to survive on this shore. 
You know I don't avert my eyes anymore.
In a man's world, I am a woman by

Watching all the days roll by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on Earth?
What is it worth?
the truth might hurt you
There is a little you can do
When shadows fall I will desert you
Then that's what you will do

For what it's worth the truth