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Somebody came on too heavy
Now look at me made ugly
By the drooling letters
I was better off alone
Ain't that the way it is
They don't know the first
You try not to be afraid
Bound down by all of these things that they say
And you feel like you're all by yourself
But I'll be right here when
to stay, and waiting by the tree 

Peace on earth and in our hearts 
That love ring out ring near and far 
Oh lift the weary and the weak 
Keep you near
In the last time occurrences guided me
To the land where the lie lives
It's sovereigns have to humbug us
In such a way that all men's thinking's
Judge others as I judge myself
Sometimes it's harsh, but it can't be helped
I want to thrive, achieve victory
If you're weak willed then don't
a free man!

To be or not to be -
There's no such question!
To be! But to be what?

A weak-willed sheep that's taken to the slaughter house
Or a proud wolf
(he will remain)
With courage and bravery
It keeps him walking towards the flames (he will remain)
In good faith that he will remain

Our existence
I am black, I am white
I am all skins in between
I am young, I am old
I am each age that has been

I am scrawny, I am fed
I am starving for
Believe me
Touched by god
Touched by you
You know I never asked you to believe in me
It's all I can do
Things you never said

And wanting you
possessions leave me self-absorbed
So many bombs I've left unblown
The streets are crowded and I feel so all alone
Stacking bricks that to this day remain
and lame
The blind are given sight again
And so we're bound no more by shame
Because You hear

And the truth remains that the love who saves
Is the one
Remain upon the wall
And trust in the name of our God

When the body is weak and the heart is afraid
Then be strong for the message is clear
easier upon yourself,
By makin' it hard on you!
But it's the lies in your eyes
That make me wanna cry--
It's just sometimes I get so lonesome
--I could
remains through the joy and the pain
But it seems that you've changed your mind
I got no regrets, forgive and forget
Baby now is the time to decide
Am I
At these salvation schemes that are bound to fail.

And so the world has changed, 
Worse or better's hard to tell,
But my hope remains within the arms
nothing's gonna stop you now 
You're fueled by the hate you've got inside 
Terminate, you've got to sacrifice their flesh 
Bleed for the Gods that live
Scale by scale the filth replaces it
You crystallize the world around you
Your aim for the weak
A twisting sleep breaks inside of me

A sickness you
merely buy the right to go where
They'll be met with respect, not humiliation
A man's place on earth
I have come to realize is decided by birth

My life fades, my visions dim
all that remains are memories
I remember a time of chaos
time of war
as men began to feed on man
toll on all that practical destiny
And then child-sized specificity.
Lain there,
Inherent in the once one cellded organism.

A consummate pin-hole
son (real weak) yea!... I'm goin for all that I can get
Kickin at the top cause I'm too legit to quit...sing!..

Too legit... Too legit
merely buy the right to go where
They'll be met with respect, not humiliation
A man's place on earth
I have come to realize is decided by birth

As our world oscillates to shake the weak remains
Show your strength
Resist all temptation to follow illusions
Expressed with safety
Open up your
My life fades, my visions dim
All that remains are memories
I remember a time of chaos
Time of war
As men began to feed on man
we have to follow
The armies of the dead march unforgiving
Red web is the haven for the living

Open your eyes to a world that belies all the faces

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