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What began as a poem is now just a burden,
A vicious song that's mine to keep.
What began as forgetting is now just a prototype of ways to fight
Take the world in their hands
Thousand light years we had overcome
Across the universe
It? a long way to the landing ground
The mission gets
It seems I've been asleep for a thousand years, 
The way my world has changed it brings me a thousand tears, 
Prince of darkness, they walk
It's the perfect way
To end a perfect day
It's the perfect way
To end a perfect day

Ride with me, glide with me
Stay by my side with me
It's the perfect way
To end a perfect day
It's the perfect way
To end a perfect day

Ride with me, glide with me
Stay by my side with me
One by one, ticking time bombs won
It's not the secrets of the government
That's keeping you dumb
Oh, it's the other way around-wait
What's that
like a fountain pen
It seems I've been asleep for a thousand years
The way my world has change, it bring me a thousand tears
Prince of darkness, they
ends in tears
Oh it always ends in tears

No matter how we laugh
How close we grow
Day by day
Although we've learned to love
It always ends
The same way
A quick court, support, cut short
Time warp, interplanetary movement
I'll say foul play, hey!
Which way does Willy Wonka stay?
We came to see
the topic, I came to drop it
Don't try to stand in my way, you can't stop it
Marley Marl, pick up the crossfader
Tragedy, the Live Motivator
I gotta go on my way by myself
Because this is the end of romance
I gotta go my way all by myself
Love it's only it's only a dance
I'm gonna try
Build a better prototype, you lookin' like a mop
And I'm lookin' for a floor to wipe
I heard your album man if thats what you call it
Another gangster
A ray of sunlight to guide my way 

I see the light 
I see the light at the end of the tunnel 
I see the light and it's burnin' bright 
I see
Well the west end now 
The west end then
Went by the other day
Just to see my friend
His house was dark
His socks were thin
I told him let's
as they stand
Can they end it all tonight so easily?

Did the darkness of their days
Make them let go of their light?
Will they want to find a way
I've traveled this whole world over and now I'm going down to the rainbow's end
No friends no home I'm just a traveling alone on my way

Where's my voice?
Has it lost it's way?
As if we have a choice
Our character is measured by the words we say
It happens everyday
Lost along the way
of pretending, but I'm terrified of it ending.
I know if not for you there's nothing I could do, to ever let it end.
And I know you feel the same way, because
I'll go my way by myself
It's how the comedy ends
I'll have to deny myself
Love and laughter and friend
I'll try to apply myself

And teach my
Oh, babe, you are the one I love,
You are the one I'm thinking of.
You know it's still a long long way,
But I'll be home at the end of the day.
Animal ways through the hazy dreams full of pain

Wings wetted down, stumbling on the ground
It all turns around, in the end
The voices sound deadly,
Oh you didn't think we can it again
Twista, Kanye West, from Po Pimping to Poppin Tags
From Chunkiest to Slow Jamz, oh baby
We can even make you
and doing big things
Kick it with me, I can mold your life
You looking good girl, show you right
Dre told me, you the prototype
I can make you a celebrity
severed vision
The gathering of loose ends in a bucket
Wit a shoestring budget
Every man's got a field to plow (I know that now)
But it's like, man I
It's the end of the line, let it be done

Step by step, the horseman will ride
Beware as false God deceives
Step by step when the white horse