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about something like that
And by the way your quotes from George Carlin 
Aren't really George Carlin
Mr. Rogers never fought the Viet Cong
And Bill
between the lines out the heaven
Expectable youth divine intervention teachin' y'all a lesson of violence
Doctor Death injectin a virus apocalypse
steel Eggo 

Throwin rhymes in spirals like Joe Klecko 

Miami Dolphin, now shut up, close your mouth and 

you be hatin debatin, regurgitatin
borner on a New World Order
And a nigga fight the struggle sorta kinda on some rappin' shit
But real activists be on death watch like Mumia Abu Jamal
I need Christ
That's the only thing I know
I really can't breath right
I'm strangled by animosity from by own people
Lately it's hard to be nice

It's the elephant in the room
Created by a collision of the sun and the moon
My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb
That was soon to be
The world is ours but is devoured by the hour
Spread the scripture like Egyptians while the wicked spread the virus
Through the lies I realize the righteous
Watch me appear on the field, my mission is to chill
I'n'i think 'bout the vibes and about the dollar bill
Been busy on my rhymes, put some
aboard the pinnacle benders
I got West Nile virus on my TV in the Bronx
I got two hollow pockets and a sleepy hollow mosh pit
Tryin' to blow the spot
PLEASE don't let em fuck with my breathing apparatus 

I'm feelin hostile, with this fuckin hose up my nostril 
My bills be colossal, creditors
the valleys of death
I open my eyes, they droppin' like flies, my last breath
Might get snatched, taken, broke down I'm shaken
Shaken by that shit that's

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