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Young Jeezy for motivation
If they violating we annihilate em
I multiply the paper
Then I divide the haters
Yeah I'm a mathematician
I can teach you all
pals are feeling good
The time is right, I think
For us to get together again
And share a round of drinks

We're violating quarantine
No need to make
Raped and abused
Satisfying a dark urge
Humiliated and bruised

Rapture of pleasure
Unholy hypocrisy
The defilers lust is raging
Violating purity

This time we'II carry you behind
Embrace the void and fall
Hammering down the walls
Let it sink in and breathe it out

lt's violating
So violating
What you on? I'm on the same thing
(I got em')
Violating you are not gang
(Gang gang, uh)
I been ballin' out LeBarn James

Big change spender
Violating Peace
Imposed Rage
Killing Each Other
Changing Life into Shit

Power Abuse and Excessive Force
Fight and Kill, Rape and Steal
Mortality and Farse
Caution, Meen deh pon no long talking
Yuh Understand?
Diss di 592, dat nuh easy fi do
Nobody cudda ever violating mi crew
Forever mek moves so we
And they try to make a difference, but don't never change our mindset
Violating niggas in this mafucka
Violating niggas in this mafucka
Who gonna make it out of here
There ain't no way
I be doing shit your way
All work no play
She wanna fuck like 4k
Violating my time
We haven't spoke
the time - the truth is for you
No one resists it's the déjà vu
Spinning like a wheel, every day
The future, the past, the US of A
Violating rights, cash is
Violating (white dude singing)
Fuck em (Jadakiss)
But you need to know(white dude singing)

Jadas got a gun (white dude singing)
puckered anus
Desecrating I deflowered the Virgin Mary
Penetrating, violating, fornicating
I deflowered the Virgin Mary

With my unholy member
The wolf I feed 
To ward off wildfires
Blind alleys lead
Violating cease-fire

Domain of the parish
That march in Eden
Corridors of sadness
So how does she feel she can:

Come around (come around), calling you (calling you) like it's all good 
Violating what I've worked so hard for?
from shortages of care

It's coming for you
Feels like an illusion
Hiding in seclusion
So overwhelmed, are we too late?
It's violating you
Waiting in
If you catch me violating
I’m a man on the go
Always on the road
Driving lonely
The lanes could be the same
I’d still lose control
If my wheels are
Demonstrated in a way that penetrates Gehenna
There's a menace in the Vatican systematically violating
Isolated incidents are quick to be forgotten
silky skin
I'm headed to fiery sin

I'm in danger of selling my soul
Violating one of the ten commandments
I can't blame myself
Any righteous will turn
each other I ain't liable for sue
Cuz we violating everything that isolate our views
I said we violating everything that isolate our views
And violating me (violating me)
Have me 'bout to call my peeps
And take it to the streets

Comin' home late
It seems you barely beat the sun
Tapping my
Is it a crime,
Does it hurt when people remix?

Open eyes and look closer
They're violating rock
Violating rap
And even assassinating tracks
Get their
Your beauty's rich in a loveless world
So deformed and defined
Scrape my head off the melted floor
Violating the voices
Your beauty's rich in a loveless
Lames wanna make that will-call list
Don't get called out
In my movement
Violating, then you finna get called out
In my hood
Violating, then we
Raging over me

And I know that you'll never stop
You want it al, you want it all
Yea I know that you'll never stop
You keep violating me

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