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vertebrae by vertebrae


I have been filled with
steam for months, for years
same old cloud
claustrophobic in me

let it
Vertebrae by vertebrae
Up on the toe

I have been filled with steam for months, for years
Same old cloud, claustrophobic me
Let it burst like
Vertebrae by vertebrae
Up on the toe

I have been filled with steam for months, for years
Same old cloud, claustrophobic me
Let it burst like
I been flirting with my quitting point
Try to stay focused but I get annoyed
Everybody on my back like vertebrae
If you ain’t talking money, I ain’t
I'm not going into work today
Get up off my back, don't you act like a vertebrae
I'm not trynna slack, just relax, think I earned a day
I think I
My eyes Glazed over Can't see the vision straight
Stuck in the storm eyes might precipitate
Something in my veins feel it in my vertebrae
Shiver down
sweat drippin'
Make you snap your vertebrae
Drop this dead weight 
Drink before they congregate
They said assassinate the hate 
But yeah it just
You that honey sugar ray, suckle butter like no other
You that glass of lemonade on a steamy summer day
Goosebumps on my vertebrae, make me stand up
a check and that's on everything 
The whole gang got straps, they murder everything 
Bad bitch bring it back, I bust her vertebrae 
She got a sweet tooth,
to vertebrae's glow
I'm runnin' enough days though
Meanin' I kill time
You heard of Mayo
Well my cars do real fine
Miracle Whip this lyrical chick
On some
sharp enough
For your wrist to take wrist to take
The rope tight enough
For your vertebrae vertebrae vertebrae
I know i know i know
Feel like the only way
kill me
Smokin’ gas know my piss stayed filthy, ay
I just want my love back like vertebrae
Told her she can lean on me without that purple drank
I might
Three is the power of the sea and the rhythm
Three are the colors
Thirty Three vertebrae
Three are the power of the sea
Three are the power
Three are
Ballinnn I'm in the NBA
College girls around me, NCAA
Ain't holding nothing back, Kobe fadeaway
I ain't holding nothing back, no vertebrae
Tryna be the best in a game I yet to play
Haters think I fell off well I'm back 
Music always calling me but I ain't tryna chat 
Hip hop
my veins
And I feel my vertebrae shaking

And I feel my heart is dead
And I feel my muscles twitch
And I feel my stomach split
And I know I'm not a man
more time before you go
This our final farewell to say goodnight

So what am I supposed to say?
My trembling vertebrae is bound to snap
Never helped
based on a person's race
Little school kids stripped of their vertebrae's
Fake rumors start to circulate
They beat his ass on camera, cause they heard
high wire torch, swallowin, spine tinglin
Break your vertebrae's with permanent turnicans
Firm burn your sternum like nerve gas and germ, warfare
to pick up
Took a hiatus now I’m back like a vertebrae
Shiiiii, I’m bout to raise the fucking murder rate
Just so can show you that a nigga still killing
If it's up it's stuck, got them hollow nigga buck
Hit your vertebrae vernacular , you out of luck
You ain't selling shit i'm making profit making
interest opinions or past sexual experience
And when the rest of the world is so perfect
His words reverberate within his vertebrae
They say:
"Why do I feel
the murder rate
Pinchin at all of your vertebrae's
I was nobody but now that they know the name
Ima flood out my wrist like the notre dame
Told dat
Huh, a soldier
Watch me demonstrate
Pull up like a shooter
Watch me hit him in his vertebrae
When I'm totin' these guns I don't hesitate

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