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Venerate quel che non capite
Venerate quel che non capite
Sangue alle pupille, in pancia la gastrite

Sangue alle pupille, in pancia la
Geared up to fight
Venerate you I won't
Dreams of a reich
Venerate you I won't
Adventure's their sign
You're a martyr a hero
Robbing the youth,
pleasure lights your face
when you see them all in pain
they venerate their bane
and they vilify the rain
your honor you have failed
in what you preordain

Infamy be to you
Infamy be to you 
I will not laud the demiurge
I will not venerate a lie

O immaculate misconception
O synonym for
You walk the roads outshined
They venerate this shrine of recantation
Among this blinding mist
You seek all things you miss
Delete the seeming bliss
spirit and truth,                 
Killing our  flesh, no time for devil`s             
Only God, We`ll venerate.                            
as well?
We also venerate these gods, Zephyrus! None of them
is neglected or absent from our temples
but Apollo alone lays claim to this temple
Venerate la Madonna Industria
Con il Dio Denaro, gente, venerate
Mi taglio le vene per pagare le rate
Vene e rate, gente, meditate
Gli scarti della
pearly smiles and Mona Lisa wiles
For your coterie of stars
Your barrel of charlatans

Celebrate, and they will venerate
Hold their heads in the morning
Lavished with sin 

Sons of death 
Shall settle scores 
Scourge of heaven sworn 
Swell the ranks 
The rising horde 
Hell has come to war 

for a ticket on the whiskey train 

The saddest thing's to see him venerate that ball and chain 

Roadhouse corn done cut his strings to somewhere,
this God will start to

Talk to me, don't venerate me now
I'm not a garland head have to be adored
See my heart beat, smell my sweet skin

of your shitty grin will disintegrate
Every sickening sentence'll cheapen the tricks you venerate
Set the phaser to face-plate-incinerate
Run the Jewels,
Screaming for pure love
You venerate
Delusion based in hate

Bleeding from pure love
For this I pray:
We've got to shake the faith
Lecherous inhuman monsters
Piteous crimes carried out
Patriarchs to the lunatic fringe
They venerate what has been done
They turned a small town
And still, you venerate what has brought you down; kneeling for salvation
Still waiting for someone to save yourself from Hell

Still waiting for
A failed communion
Intelligence beyond our own
Misguided we hunted
To venerate the unknown
Distant memories flood my dreams
Nightmare coursing
thought you might have defecate
Venerate the renegade, can hell await its emirate
Decadence, decadence
Relevance, relevance
It's been twelve months, I
No smile on my fucking face
A Deranged state
Wake up on a cold slate
Confused and irate
It was you I venerate

I venerated you
 take a step away and choose
That heavy weight groove
And not to say that the delegated lose
Or degradate their brew
But Id like to Venerate
That’s the part of the saga that isn’t safe
Every part of their drama they vindicate
This is looking catholic how they venerate
Then escape any trace
claustrophobic times
Ignore the circling vultures
The world of right angles, nowhere around
To venerate this shrine to
Psychosomatic cultures
We're dredging
A venerate leader
Lay feverous and still
Rotting from within
Encircled by his Blue Wolves
His lifeforce ebbs
His lineage is denied
Wife and sons
I'm lost in an illusion

Finally, I could escape from a prison made of pain
But I will never be the same, because I venerate the bane
Now look into my

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