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on morning glory vines 
I grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature 
And they're forever present in my mind 

But I'm headed in the wrong direction
and fall away from everything

Oh, I know we've already gone
In the direction of the sun
In the direction of the sun

I hid behind the curtain where
I got the right street
But the wrong direction
Help me find the way
To your affection
I'm on the right train
But the wrong track
Come on boy
of touch I'm out of reach

Struck by a car
Crushed by a tree
Fork in my tongue
Glass in my sleeve
I snap the rope snap the wrist
Here in my inner spiral
I stayed in town for a while
Watching cars pass me by
And I'm trying not to get too high
But then I realized

Is there only one direction
I might not find what I'm looking for
But this bitter disposition
By now it surely run its course

So if I try to change direction
I might not find
I'm walkin' downtown
No lookin' around
'Cause I'm a fool and a half
Blessed and beaten by love

I walk in the direction
But then I stop
We've eroded the soil from the ground 
A rocky grave is where I'll be found, cause... 

Whatever direction you may turn 
You'll see my friend,
God of evil
Of the ?
Name my pain as I pray
I torture myself
For the ultimate faith
I'm following your command

? direction
The lower heaven

One way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad connection

Surrender by voices, I don't
Don't take the wrong direction passing through
Instead of deep reflection of what's true,
For it's a combination of judgments made by you
other tight 
And if we go in the right direction, heaven can't be very far 
Dream along with me, I'm on my way to a star! 

( We can wink at the moon
On the way to your hotel
I passed by then turned around
I was making steps one by one
On the way to your hotel
On the way to your hotel
down, bang, I'm lost again, no way
I'm not drivin' with three
Stop, push ejection
Point yourself in the right direction

Everybody knows somebody
focus in the outward direction the chaos direction i expand in mental conquest and burst like a spore cloud into the populous no destiny too great
search the valleys and the hills 
You gotta find her Mr. Mills 

I can't attempt to point you in her direction 
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
days, good old days
Wanna make it to heaven's gate, yeah (oh)
And we need to escalate, I need

I need direction (i need direction)
To that street
Hanging 'round downtown by myself
And I've had so much time to sit and think about myself
And there she was like double cherry pie
Yeah, she was
I just need directions home
Draw me a map that leads me back to you

I've never been so at a loss
I'm at a canyon I can't get around or cross
So baby
We've been hanging 'round
Tip our glasses to no direction, yeah
Start the van
Get me out of this one horse town
Waste this night

We've been down
We've been hanging 'round
Tip our glasses to no direction, yeah
Start the van
Get me out of this one horse town
Waste this night

We've been down
Has been ?
I see the coolest ?
I choose that direction
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
much greener the grass is
With those rose tinted glasses
But the butterflies they flutter by and leave us on our arses

'Cause I'd love to feel love but
Like a world religion
Like a perfect product of your fantasy
Embracing me, no rules no leaders
Just the purest power of integrity
All I can see