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and out of every hole
Lubricated with excretions of every sort
Unbridled sexual excursion

Penetrate urinate defecate menstruate

Urinate on your
I don't want to urinate
On myself
I don't want to urinate
On anyone else
Well, I guess that really
Doesn't matter anymore
Because I can't
My glands can't hold it in, I've got an Uncle Yen
Wanna pull it out again, and urinate on everyone
I wanna piss on you, my peckers got a yearning
[Kool Keith]
Ahhh... it's time to relax
For all the people out there, it's time to take a break
A little intermission
Go urinate, get a little
try to abstain
Nothing to stop the pain

For breaking this law they will incarcerate
Random testing, they wait for you to urinate
You must try
Feel my balls against your chin as I shit upon your face.
Urinate on your broken from then lick it from your sloppy breasts.
Ribs break and snap
We are not growing 
Anymore, anymore 

Wipe your mouth 
The bottle's empty 
Urinate upon the tree 
Into the lake 
You threw the house key 
the corpse of Christ
Urinate on the feeble cross of the church
Spineless creeps of the holy word
Behold your damnation as you burn

upside down
Into her - bleeding cunt
Urinate - in her mouth
Hack and fuck - for supper

Beyond the - boundaries
of pleasure
Don't forget to urinate.

So glad they put this window in.
How to explain, how to begin?
See! Tennyson and Wordsworth there
Waiting for me in
to work
Cause he looks like a bum and he stinks like a turk
But he'll survive, they say, to urinate where you eat someday

Leave this life behind you
and urinates in our breakfast.
They're just a bunch of loonies, what do they care?
Half the bloody time they end up throwing it on the floor,
Or worse
Destroy what I create

Choke on my shit, 
Drown in my piss, 
Hater of the world, 
Your mind dwells on the absurd
a broken phone n a broken coat, 
you've bin wearin' the the same jacket since you was in year 8 
and it smells like you urinate on it b****, that ain't
As I urinate into the void

Fuck I'm frustrated, freaking out something fierce
Would you help me, I'm hungry, I suffer and I starve
Oh I
You've bin wearing the the same jacket since you was in year 8 
And it smells like you urinate on it bitch, that ain't great. 
You tried to be Christina

I got my silk underwear for the atmosphere 

Piss in your face and urinate all in your hair 

You name a group that's shit, I will
Piss in your face and urinate all in your hair 

You name a group that's shit, I will pooper-scoop 
Fuck with this, miss, I will damage
and shake of the blues
And make stops to fill the tank stops to urinate
Stops to meditate and let the thoughts resonate
Stops to celebrate stops just for
tellin' you in front of your ugly girlfriend you can't rhyme
Smack your engineer with a tall can of Olde English beer
Urinate on your S-S-L board and your
your raps is half assed like one buttcheek
Urinate in the talent pool, shallow plus a fool
From your rhymes, you can tell you took the little bus
urinate in a cup for the art of it, 
and you'll dissect all of it. 

dose one: 
i water storage, poet like desert. 

there's a lightbulb in my
probably let gerbels crawl up your rectum too
Shame on you; I (*defecate*) on you 
and simultaneously (*urinate*) on you
and pour some acid rain on you
And you probably let gerbils crawl up your rectum too

Shame on you, I defecate on you and simultaneously urinate on you
And pour some acid rain on you

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