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with my time
I choose to create I choose to have fun
I play with my friends
I have a good time
Unplug to connect
Gives my brain a break
Connect with my
Unplug it in, unplug it
Lost for days in the electric haze
Unplug it in, unplug it
Sign your life away to the digital age

Staring at the cursor
to this routine
Dimming lights down
Dimming lights down
It’s time to unplug
I should unplug
Unplug the lights out
passing day
Like a rodent in a cage
Everything we want
But is it what we need
Un-plug I've had it examine
Un-plug the statues quo
Un-plug I'm ready to rip
Quickly realized it became nine to nine
A process that separated me from my life
Need to unplug but you're still online
the triangle eye sees you
It's time to unplug and renew

Unplug from madness holding you back
Unplug from that X-box making you slack
Unplug from them day dreams
that data couldn't be bought

Should I unplug
Is this really worth it
Should I shut down
Am I really pushing it
Should I log off
Is it ignorance or bliss
(Yeah... yeah...)
I've been like this everyday since I was born

I got my brain dead, uh, I unplug myself from this world
I got my brain dead,
The outrage is now
Guaranteed with a stage
And the internet feeds the vigilante
Somebody unplug me

They say it connects us all
But it's tearing us apart
go of all your beliefs
And come be a beast with me
Cuz when we turn off the machines
We will turn new leafs

Unplug, unlearn, unleash
Unplug, unlearn,
look around
Unplug, look around, it will set you free 
Unplug, look around, from technology 
Unplug, look around, from the stress you see
Unplug, look
to do
I am not a licensed therapist
But it could really help if you learned to
Unplug! Just step away
Give yourself a break and you'll be ok, oh yeah
I don't believe when they say shit
Blue pill I'm not going to take it
Powers at be they play tricks
I'm going to unplug from the matrix
I'm going
Unplug your conciseness
Unplug your mind
Unplug your prime directive
Unplug your sight

Do you despair the dark
Does it make you high
To repose
If we're all connected then how do I unplug?
How do I break free from all these drugs that I love?
Tryna find a place in heaven next to the sun
would probably leave (probably leave)
You alone (you alone)
She would probably curse you out and unplug her phone
I bet she'd be glad (oh yeah)
Ain't no respawns life is not a video game
I'm gone let it bang
I'm gone let it bang (Bang)
They gone play me I'll unplug em ain't no video
창문 틈 사이로
햇살이 쏟아질 때까지 
늘어지게 자볼까

닿지 않는 곳에
볼 수 없는 곳에
잠시 치워놔볼까

귀찮은 연락
시덥지 않은 농담 사이 우리

Unplug me
Unplug me and you
Unplug me from you now

헝클어진 머리
Unplug yourself from this society 
And plug yourself into reality
Listen to each word we sing
Let's feel again without screens

Yeah, we are
and explain on things
You got me wrong
Now Don't deny the fact that you
Don't believe me (Ye-ah) Oo oo

Now it's time to Move on

Unplug me over and I Don't
compares to you
Soon as I get home I'm racing to unplug my phone

I seen everything twice
Been around tha world, I've seen every scene twice
Stopping down in
changer was you thought the game would change
Turn off switch
Unplug glitch
Turn off switch
Unplug glitch
Turn off
Never ignore the
Goin in way
Unplug me, let go
Into darkness, I glow
A freedom bestowed
Like a black hole, I'll go
Unplug me, let go
Into black space, I flow
And I like to give, so I'll give all I can
I'll look at the smile upon my brother

And I will wait 'til the new year comes
'Til I will unplug the lights

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