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I'm unimportant (Unimportant, unimportant, unimportant)
I'm just a tree in a forest
But what's a tree to a florist? (Yeah)
Unimportant, unimportant
I'm a guy of public domain
Caus' I'm! 

Unexistent unimportant
Unexistent unimportant
Unexistent Invisible

Unexistent unimportant
She like to waste time and I know
She like to waste time and I know
Just might be unimportant for all I
Just might be unimportant for all I
unimportant 'cause I couldn't afford it
I'ma spit some fire go Diablo on them
I remember back then when they used to ignore me
Now I rock designer, now I rock
living off of my strife

I'm upside down
I'm downside up
It started earlier today
The rules of what I ought and oughtn't 
Are unimportant today

I'm upside
New, magical decoctions filling chalices
Unimportant in case calices
Like fairytale palaces, wonderland for Alice
Kid's amusement parks, fun
In the palm of your hand
Da da doing what ever you want
Doesn't matter to me
Does it matter to you
Does it matter to you
I'm orange
finger, I'm a critical thinker
I'm a hell of a smoker, and a bit of a drinker

I know your name, yeah
Your name is unimportant
We in the belly of the beast
other life
I wouldn't let it break us down
'Cause she said what she did behind my back
Was unimportant when I was around.

One night when the leaves
on unimportant things
Lies and feints, lies and feints
The curse of the crown

Get in your limousine, stay alert, watch out your enemy, your enemy
Victory is in
What’s important Is the focus
All that hatred unimportant
Knew I would make it out my granny living room
Knew I would make it out my granny living room
unimportant ‘cause I couldn’t afford it
I’ma spit some fire go diablo on them
I remember back then when they used to ignore me
Now I rock designer, now I rock
Kung pao
Wasting all my funds on unimportant shit
I'mma get a gun now
And kill myself quick
Because anywhere else is fucking better than this shit
My problems seems so unimportant (ooh ooh)
When I'm with you I'll be alright 
When I'm with you I'll be alright (ooh ooh)
When I'm with you
play piano
Or dance, or sing
No she doesn't compare

But she still breaths air

Who cares?
Unimportant, overrated
Overblown, if only he could see
hard to understand if you listen
Either die or go to jail that's a hell of decision
But I'm wrong and I know it my excuses unimportant
I'm just tryna let
viel zu klein
Wir sind nicht schön und reich, wir werden es nie
Sind die Very Unimportant Persons kurz V.U.Ps
(kurz V.U.Ps, kurz V.U.Ps, kurz V.U.Ps)
seems that the things that change our lives can seem so unimportant at the time
gathering momentum that's impossible to break
a string of random choices

Get out, that's all that you can do 
These people don't understand you 
I won't end up like my parents 
My fists clenched up, got a fair hit 

unimportant airs and graces
Your coats undone reveals a trace 	
Of old horse hair and sacred faces
You found me out baby when it all started	
But while away
another love story
Gone wrong I'll be up until the morning
She got me out here feeling like I'm unimportant
You took my heart by your hands and you tore it
This a recording
I feel like Jordan
Jump off the boredom
I'm unimportant
Nigga please
Get out my way, hey
Get out my way 'fore you cause injuries
so dull and unimportant how you can't fit in  
You can't escape the darkness, fell hard out of the birds nest  

Desert cape off a small ocean,
Brands you don’t even know of
No opinions n****s show love
Sick of talking with the unimportant always feeling something
You could worry bout’ it

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