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Brush the dirt from your skull, it's clouding your mind
Leave your state of ignorance and your old ways behind

Let it rot
Unfurling into something
delving deeper
Fly like an angel wings unfurling
Fanning the flames of love eternal

All around the world the love will manifest itself in special ways
The simple story that you told me
Is a little different than you showed me
The simple story, unfurling slowly
Is if you lay down with a dream 
You'll wake
Falling soaring falling for you so completely
The Rapture unfurling blues and greens
The Rapture a swirling violet stream
Mystic majestic entangled in a web
To the world

Now I'm gonna love you
Like the spring bursts from the ground
Unfurling from the ground
Unfurling from the ground

Faces of buildings, trees
Unfurling misery, bringer of suffering- arise!
Unleashed are the fangs of the beasts of the apocalypse assemble my legions
To rape this world of its
Bright and early 
It still weighs so heavy on me 
Still unfurling 
Ever unfurling 

Not going to find it in the branches or the roots 
An atrophied frame by an impotent rapture sustained
A god you will truly never see
"Thou shalt" unfurling in the wind
Rising above with an "I
ecstacies of hate

Black solstice
Somber wings extinguish the sun
Nocturnal unfurling
Quenching stars one by one

Vomit war crush the sacred heart
for pleasure
So when the winds of morning
Blew the curtains in she woke and found he'd gone
I saw his sails unfurling Thursday dawn
The pirate he
Your diary, your diary, open and inviting me back
(I'm back)

He said he had lips like petals unfurling from a bud
I could have ripped page and petals,
Holding, this new growth lineage carrying
The scars of our fathers
By branching upon them growth beyond them
In the masculine sacred unfurling
I was blind high. I was scared.
I was Lake and Columbus.
I was cutting off all my hair.
I was unfurling a flag of defiance
Aimed at my guidance
of weaknesses; conditioned unfurling hate. No one is laughing clown. Religious zealot, fundamentalist radical. A furious breed.
the wind I'm gone
Unfurling my sails in the breeze I'll flow
Cause on the crossroads
Saw the vision of which way to go
Take my soul to the healing waters
bitterness with love

The streets are burning around us but we'll find a way
The world keeps turning without us but come we must stay
The flags unfurling
Howled into the wind
An unfurling of words stowed away
Time lapses into the dusk
As I sit, alone

Now I know how you must've felt

I'll make my bed
the infinite void Before me
I dive into the flower Of all my fears Unfurling
A silver chord Between myself and I 
A thread from Earth to sky
Stare across the crowd, the fear and love in their faces
The children of the tribes, prisoners of the flags unfurling
Protect us in these changing
these depths I can see
Our history unfurling
Come I'll show you what we've lost

Light's just a memory down here
Like lost change in couches
So long Aphasia & the ways it kept me hidden 
So long to silent nerves & hesitant oblivion 

You came & sent me out unfurling in the street 
And I
engulfing the soul
Unfurling this truth, an orbit in sovereignty
Sown into deep darkness
The grain has to die, perish to bestow new life

A vis major
It's a gorgeous storm unfurling 
I've awaited for so long 
Now you taste like honey, dear, 
on my rigid tongue 

It's soothing as you delve
on the surface
A disgusting swarm in the skies
With a crash of thunder
A new demon appears
Unfurling its rotten wings
It lets out a petrifying scream


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