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to say.

And as the carousel circles unceasingly,
Watch while the ripples decay in this rolling time.
In cascading, the wind set the wheels in motion
Like this band's best endeavor
To sing a chorus unceasingly

Oh this place is alright and the band is okay
Took a bit to get in so we might as well
that you gave unceasingly

Weave your spell for one more day
You enchanted me to stay
Sickness born with life
She is careful and patient shadow
Man's faithful enemy
Unceasingly transformed, rebaptized

Behind a different mask
It's unceasingly boring
No more always
For ever and repititous

Debilitate us, delineate us
Repackage our words, demystify us
I unceasingly affirm my love can
Cannot be measured, cannot be altered
I know, I know it, I
unceasingly dying

Under the staring eyes of the outraged
I leave for a higher level of existence
Hope for a translucid conscience
Obsesses my ignorance
my heart into one, that thou 
may dance there unceasingly. 
O mother, I have no other fond desire in my 
heart. Fire of a funeral pyre is burning

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