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could not see the light of the world
Show me the fire, in a true believer's eye
I am just a dreamer, when i close my eyes
I can fly so close
care about youth
The louder your screams
The faster their dreams come true

The sound of believer
The rain in her heart
Bring love to a pleaser
All you true believers
You gotta move on, gotta move on, gotta move on
All you true believers
You gotta move on with your life, yeah

Pick up your
a believer in deed
He had a heart of a different breed
He made his mark and he lived by his creed
A true believer
A believer in deed
Am I living everything I
Sometimes on Sundays
I sit by the TV
Watching sad movies alone
When it gets to the part
Where the little dog dies

I cry
Sometimes I think
was home

Now every night is christmas eve
'cause she lays gently by
And I see my unborn children
When I look into her eyes

Yes, she made me a believer
the electric grave 
True believers saved 
From the electric grave

From the electric grave 
Astral stairs are paved 
True believers saved 

Snow blind,
live our life in our own way
Never really listened to what they say
The kind of faith that doesn't fade away we are the true believers

Well you can
Repulsed by the light, your weakness abhorrent
Suffer the believers of the lie
You pray to the false, to the one true deception
Once again your
down by the water
He spins inside my soul
It isn't true but you follow
Just hold me down by the water
They say you look like a believer
Look up
Death to those who kill the truth 
Die by our attack 
True force of iron glory 
Crash course of righteous hate 
You know we feel no sorry
from true vision I am bereft
An organic puzzle of methane to behold at last
To behold full breath

Now comes the fever, a true believer, epiphany
to delusional,
They're all in fright
The true believer's head was bathed in sunlight
While you are walking all detached, so tell us

Where you going,
The profits of war
In the teeth of life you die
In the jaws of death you live

Believers of the new past
Were shown His true face
The once proud
easy to tell
But I know a heartache
When I see one

There was a time
I was a true believer
Your love was the only way
Well you can save all your
Follow the book by every lie
True believers are born to die
Minds are brainwashed from their birth
To serve Gods will down here on earth
wash away the sins of the father

Sacred cow sizzling in the fire
As we all go up in flames
With millions of true believers
And their unfamiliar
not come to me and glorify your victory
Evil in people does not cease with your relief!

How to explain all of the losers
Among the true believers
of Eden
To find East of Eden
To find East of Eden

If I wanted to stay
You don't mind, you're a true believer
Take it up with the bad man
wash away the sins of the father

Sacred cow sizzling in the fire
As we all go up in flames
With millions of true believers
And their unfamiliar
a whole new point of view 
I've been touched by an angel, it's impossible, but true 
I believe in you 
I swear that forever from today, no one will ever
a concept, not a necessity
Not a believer to be family.

The oral traditions have been badly overdoubted,
The spiritual language replaced by commercial
a part
of generation 666

she's a goddess a princess of the night
down the aisle comes my own private witch
i'm a true believer in heaven and hell

Wanna midnight rendezvous
Wanna give my love to you
Wanna make my dreams come true
I just wanna to be happy

Wanna dance the whole night
We don't know where they gp from here
But in the dark they wait

They are fallen believers
Betrayed in their faith
By the church war from the true

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