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David Torn  


Kill Me
Tattered and torn
Something aches
Tattered and torn
Bad things slither
Tattered and torn
My floors are burning down
Tattered and torn
watch them eat your friends
Ask for evidence
A hook right through your tits

Torn to pieces
Torn to pieces
Torn to pieces
Torn to pieces

When we all rise together
And face that rising sun
Lord help the fatherless children
In this land


Lord help the war torn people
In this
there's nothing more lonely than lonely for you.

Now I'm torn up inside (torn up inside)
Torn up inside (torn up inside)
Torn up inside, baby (torn up
there's nothing more lonely than lonely for you.

Now I'm torn up inside (torn up inside)
Torn up inside (torn up inside)
Torn up inside, baby (torn up
like hell
To be torn apart
And it hurts like hell
To be thrown around

We were born to be together
Torn apart
Torn apart
We were born to be together
Torn curtain reveals another play
Torn curtain, such an exposé
I'm uncertain when beauty meets abuse
Torn curtain loves all ridicule

Tears, tears
Torn curtain reveals another play.
Torn curtain, such an expose!
I'm uncertain when beauty meets abuse.
Torn curtain loves all ridicule.

it breaks them,
I will replace them
For you.

Dead flowers for the torn apart.
Laid at the grave to heal a broken heart.
Let it rain until it
Torn from the womb
Dying in this tomb


Bred just to die
We are torn from the womb
Slowly to decay
Till we meet our doom
here we go so be very careful

torn you to pieces like this!

rock rock rock to the funky beat
has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
i'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked
The see-saw sawn through sunlight
Is seamless seems to say so
The cyclones's torn through my time

In my time

The surefire set solution
Darkness wins the day
A soul is torn away
A soul is torn away

A crumpled shirt a hank of hair
A shoe print made of blood
Phone ripped out, the shades
Well I went down to your house just the other day,
Only to discover you had gone astray.
Torn apart [Repeat: x4]

Well I called you on the telly
takes you to a hurt that grows.

My love is gone,
And you can't go on.
My life is torn to pieces
My life is torn.

No, no one will ever see
torn and guilty 

Did I let you down,
Say goodbye too soon?
And did you understand
My mistake?
Forgive me 

I kneel down by your side
I kneel
The sails are torn
We know only darkness and fear
Lost eyes are searching...
Searching still
Oh, this endless dawn
Punishment time, punish the mind
Guild embedded in
Tearing Torn Tearing Torn between two poles
Human animal flesh and bones
Spirits, auras and souls
Torn and ripped apart at the seams
I guess I took too much for the team
Had a knack for keepin' the score
But I can't put my thoughts into words
I went down Chipper Wall road
I put it out from the window
Like a thousand fools before

I've got a heart that's torn in two
So everyone can
the storm, torn asunder )
The future you and I get blown away (in the storm) 
In a lifetime, in a lifetime 

And as the rain it falls 
We begin again
Burned at the stake
Drowned in the lake
Stretched on the rack
Condemned to death
Nipples pulled off
Burned and gutted
Torn by horses
Hear your heartbeat
Sensing your fear
Powerful jaws
Tear out your throat
Limbs torn off
Blood gushing
Heart torn out
Gurgled screams

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