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the freezer
She wish she never met me, wanna catch amnesia
Gucci mane crazy I might pull up on a zebra
Land on top an eagle smoke a joint of reefa
Future in the club, poppin bands on them hoes
Go ahead Gucci Mane, toss some grands on the floor
I'm gettin a table dance by a fine ass ho
Got me coming
and he's so corny, 
I'm so hood that the hoes get horny,
07 corvette I'm off set shortys,
If those the new 20 then order me forty,
Gucci mane rabbit drums
turnin' shit down but my damn collar
Police pointin' at me, tryna snag me by my damn collar
Gucci Mane ain’t never graduate but I’m a trap scholar
All that Gucci Louie Chong got yo ass loosin weight,(leanin)
Gucci Mane got you straight, huh?
You know he got that cake,
Gave it to her first
Jeans and a halter top
They askin what my name
Money don't matter
Tourgad(?) and Gucci Mane

Ima watch you through the hood on the 26's
Buy you
white, I'm with Gucci Mane
We fuckin 50 hoes cause they some Gucci fans
There's a stack dirty, there's a plaque dirty
His jeans cut and his slacks dirty
the top on that thing let you see my seats
We've been rolling rolling rolling we ain't slept in weeks


[Verse 3]
Gucci Mane gotta lot
look like Janet Jackson
I'm off three double stacks and I'm lookin' for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I love the way you flowin'
Ridin' in my
in weeks


[Verse 3:]
Gucci Mane the flyy nigga get your mind right
Or a crys by the twelve like a case of budlight
Sell a cush by a bell so
On top of this motherfuckin' world
Damn, look at that body (Woo!)
She come along with the territories
Turn around, move it for me (Yeah!)
Uh huh and we be steady mobbin' okay Kimosabe big ballin' is my hobby

What the fuck is up? Its Gucci mane the G
That's titty boy no pity boy
to violins
Autobiography, Gucci Mane the author
And I'm the trap sponsor, Gucci Mane's the father
An eight figure nigga just walked into Wal-Mart
If you
punch shawty I will make you see the light mayne
Stomp-out shawty I will make you read my Jordans
Try Gucci Mane boy you must be retarded
Always on my mind 
Take a trip up to the Bahamas 
With ya by my side 
Cause I know you deserve 
For you to see the world... baby girl 

You deserve
L-0 told me give it you so you finna get it man
Gucci pulled up in a Aston
Parking lot, Club Crucial, my rims doin' the pool palace
Ice stampede
More chains then Buster, and more hoes then Usher
It’s Gucci Mane & Drama, so that means more commas
I’m hands on like a laptop, get your cap
Yup, yuo
Gucci Mane in this motherfucker (Gucci Gucci)
My nigga Zo' on the track (My nigga Zo')
That real shit, that real shit

I'm a hood rich
and it's right by water
I'm the Trap God and I walk on water

G-Gucci Mane I'm the water man
Make it rain, do the water dance
Water dripping like
huh and we be steady mobbin' oh Kimosabe big ballin' is my hobby

What the fuck is up? Its Gucci mane the G
That's titty boy no pity boy big scar
she pretty in  the face like monica (monica).
I really dig  the girl so I gave a ticket to gucci world (gucci world).

Go head, go head
Go head, go
3 thousand 5 hundred dollars call that a loui' purse
A pent house sweet for me and her, call that a loss her skirt
Nigga out shine Gucci mane I
on white whips and them rims match
World black and white and I'm color blind
All I see is green, and them dollar signs

It's Gucci Mane, call me Stevie
motherfuckers like to love it and leave it
Bitches on top of bitches, you should have seen it
Better believe it, bitch

Just keep it gangsta mane and i'mma be
9-1-1, 9-1-1
It's Gucci Mane, yeah, that's my name,
I'm goin' thug, I'm goin' thug
Blowin' up, blowin' up, blowin' up, blowin' up
I'm like M.C. Hammer, I

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