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[Chorus x2]
It's gonna be alright
Keep your head up to the sky
[Z-Ro] Cause everything's gon' be alright

Too many problems in my life I find
[Chorus: Big Moe, HA.W.K., Z-Ro]
[H.A.W.K. and Z-Ro]
Po it up
[Big Moe]
[H.A.W.K. and Z-Ro]
Let yo mine be free
[Big Moe]
Let me
Bout time, they opened up the do' for Z-Ro 
Cause I've been dropping hits, since ten years ago 
Trying to do it legal, and not slang yayo 
rapping the gangsta shit this nigga goes hard, plex

(Chorus - 4x)
Plex, time to have plex
Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta from the barrel of me tech

Rolling by my
up against the wall another statistic I know

[Chorus Z-Ro]
The streets always been my daddy
And mommy is the colleges
I'm a soldier and I'm about my
Artist: Scarface f/ Bun be (U.G.K.), Z-Ro
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Nigga don't act like you don't know who I'm talkin' bout
(Paul Wall 1st Verse)
When you up, you up
And when you down, you down
But when you fall off
Just peep out who still come around
And ain't too many
I think you made me fall in love again 

[Z-Ro - over Chorus] 
Screwed Up Click 

Whenever you need a nigga call me up I'm
Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie
But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die
Anthrax poisoning,
Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo
But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio
And I know my fanbase
heard the rumors for myself, Z-Ro signed for ten
Here I am, it ain't safe to come outside again
For the record, fuck everybody I ain't got no friend
Rest in peace, Big Mello, we gon' miss you, nigga
Man, I done lost so many homies, I need tissue nigga
Taking million dolla pictures, me and all
We're running out of time, too many of my people dying

Day by day it's more impossible, to hold on
I'm going head up with the shadow of death,
once again forever it's understood
State to station, and we wrecking the radio
We cooking the airwaves to Don and Z-Ro

Too many haters be offending me
walking with, there's some behind you too
Don't want us to trip, you don't wanna see this extended clip
Be on the lookout for Z-Ro and Lil' Flip, this is
Ay-aiyyyy, if only for one
 Nah, niiight, niiight, niiight, niiiiiight
 Ahh one night, if only for one... niiiiiiiiight"

[Chorus One: Z-Ro] +
Z-ro must be out his mind
Think I let'em rap on my song
Then my song won't even be my song
We can't let that nigga shine
If we do, the real
[Hook: Peaches & Z-Ro (Z-Ro)]
Too many problems on my mind
(on my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind)
They wish I just started, to be a full time grind
I'm just
Too many niggas trying to take me off of my game
Cause a nigga from the hood that done looked some good
Now they all want to jock my fame
and see me motherfucker, I'ma show you how to ride 


How many niggaz wanna ride tonight, fucking with Z-Ro 
It's fa sho, to be
niggas move around cause it ain't nothing to see

(Chorus - 2x)

Living in the passenger side, I've been incarcerated 
Plenty of times, never once
never shed a tear
Cause they don't love a nigga here

American me, could it be my own
War is out to murder me
I'm ready to kill, and I'm ready
(Paul Wall 1st Verse)
When you up, you up
And when you down, you down
But when you fall off
Just peep out who still come around
And ain't too many
Go on get naked for me streak, and let a nigga stroke [Repeat 4x]

[Verse 2 - Z-Ro]
Go on and let a nigga peak, go on and let a nigga poke
Give me some
know if we can trust Jay Z?
And you know better, nigga, I know you do
But you gotta do better, boy, you owe it to Blue
You had no father, you had