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Thwarting my plans
Thwarting your plans
Are you
Good, 'cause that'd be bad
How bad
I'd have to kill you
That's bad
Indeed Stupid-looking watch
torturing flames
I deserve all of this and more

Thwarting the raping beast
That deep inside me sleeps
In a hope that this history will never repeat
His appointment,
Change one letter, then I see
That the thwarting of my purpose
Is God's better choice for me.

His appointment
and by then it’s today
So it don’t exist as anything that’s more than a date
So it is forcing its way into thwarting my gaze
Because I look to the future
Cruisin' round. Rooftop to Rooftop
Knowing there's a soul to help
Someone who is in need of being saved
Fighting villains, thwarting crimes
Will it
My feet rooted
Planted in the quagmire 
Of self doubt

Observing the clock
Passively thwarting the plans I'd made 
To seek out catharsis
A life
villainous mates
Oh my golden gauntlets, they're the same pair that I fought with
Lord of leisure, thwarting porcelain, subordinates and grievances
Before we
know my character
Got a few people who still stay supporting me
Don't gotta care bout the people that stay thwarting me
Dont say nothing when your dude
with my phases
And I'm recording them
This is the way to finally stop hoarding them
I am the captain I'm no longer boarding them
Thwarting the plan I am
political jargon
And policies that are thwarting our existence
Beg your pardon? I'm innocent
Why are we discussing a plea bargain
I, I'm not, I'm not involved
they are thwarting me 
And all of my teachings
It's their fault believing

I didn't know my words would be accepted so easily
Expected by many to be
the talking cease, best proceed with caution G, it's only me that's thwarting me
So as now the air is clear, I'm the don don't dare compare, I have my rivals
went to sorting 
Once writing books became thwarting 
The Oxford qualified grammarian 
Became instead a librarian 

In the shelves he fucked frustration
Thwarting the deceptive reverence
This fabricated piety will expire
Illuminating multiple purposes
Redefining unity

Millions upon millions
The United States made direct contact with UFOs
Thwarting Nuclear War
The benevolent ones
Simultaneously Reptilian entities offered
Sam was just a man
With a slick and twisted plan
Of thwarting death's sickle you see
He wasn't very smart 
But he knew how to play the part
thwarting me away.
I've noticed in other eyes, time's closing in.
But when the thunder breaks it breaks for you and me.
Tarantula, tarantula, tarantula,
He didn’t think I belonged in this nice neighborhood
Especially not at night in a vehicle this good
In his mind he was thwarting a theft
Cause what’s
Wrong beliefs to cast aside
Thwarting headwinds and evil traps
Left absolutely alone and finally back

Nothing else than a sum
Of appetite and distaste

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