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you feel like that creates,
Ah, Tension between East and West?
He’s talking about killing people,
‘I had sex with your wife’ and not in those words.
niggas talk about when they get high
Passed out, hazy eye, lettin days go by
Bullshittin one another with the same old lies
Tryin hard not to show all
the unsolved, deployed
Little Eazy leave me and Wally, damn, little Angel she was so small
Grippin the bottle of gasoline and the alcohol was killin Dotty
and even West Coast, brah

Blackin' like I'm fresh out up out retirement
My flow still monumental
Mental, couldn't ride an instrumental but they ridin'
the cut, with my Bible in front my gut 
And when I jump up, you know the fallen angels duck 
Or break and runnin, and as for prisoners I'm takin none 
Ich durchlöcher' deinen Head mit der neuf millimètre (Apocalyptic)
Eh, diese Inzestrapper
Klauen bei Kanye West wie die Kim Kidnapper
Erst tun