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Won't be happy in this world
If you're not by my side
Ellie, my love so
There were times I left your heart in pain

Time again I've turned
without you by my side.
Ellie My Love, So sweet.

Smile for me won't you baby,
Forever you'll be on my mind.
Stay with me won't you baby,
We're gonna make
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at all

This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
I'm feeling down about this
me, won't you, baby
We're gonna make it
right this time
There's no one else like you
Anything your want, I'll do
Ellie, my love so sweet
Ellie, my love
Thinkin' back on how it used to be when it was all good
We wasn't trippin', this was our hood
I had your motherfuckin back
And when it was time
remember, love
That night in Capakin
When we exchanged rings, love
And I against my will

Yours was pure silver
And mine was but tin
Yours cost
The rapper you gotta have in your chatter,
You be gatherin' data, to mom and dad it's a matter,
Cause they lad is fanatical, for this Vladic, this
There will be no forgiveness
Their death is approved

Slaying the masses, consuming with pleasure
Caused by the fact, that their thinking is
your junior
To take all your loot-uh so slap her wit da ruger
Man I tell these bitches that work for damn
And all this love is just a scam
Kaiser Soze
Harmless numbers
The source of your satisfaction
Harmfull leaders
Can you see our disillusion
Full of power
That will be your downfall someday
Pretty, pretty, pretty as a picture
Witty, witty, witty as you can be
Blind 'cause your eyes see only glitter
Closed to the things that make you free
all faith in progression
I will never allow myself to exchange all my morals for acceptance
If this is truly where I belong
I'll fucking be here until
For to bring home his new queen
So leave now these windows
And likewise this hall
For it's deep in the sea
You should hide your downfall
will hear us sing our songs
The truth is relevant, but not for long
Cause love is our downfall

I'm sorry this life cuts out everything
And leaves
I see the vacancy in this once good vessel
The negativity (the blessing) caused your own downfall
Shut up and you will see He love's you, He loves
will be my downfall
To summon the forces of darkness
Push as far as I can and fight for every chance
Try to breathe the smoke-filled air haunted by
love - is it what it seems? 
This time - would it be a dream? 
Life, I like how it feels 
Why do you always act so shy? 
Why do you always tell me
leaving energy is paid by blood

There is nothing, I can learn to you
But whatever we will win, is more than slavery
This life, this golden future, it's
of white
Love conquers all though heaven's fall 
This fateful night

Oh, yours or mine, damned of divine 
Draw the line, serpentine

Love is a tragedy
Just you wait, it'll come around
It always does, don't you worry
Hold on tight, keep a calm
Don't be fooled, don't be alarmed

They say good

They say pride will be our downfall
Girl I've swallowed mine
I'm begging you, baby, come back
And I will tow the line
To the top
tell a motha fucka

Yo, If you blatantly hatin' and waitin on my downfall
Then just be patient, and kiss my ass!
If you didn't believe and you
and most anticipated, in the streets
Know I'm saying yours truly, (Southern Smoke)

Keep waiting keep waiting, if you waiting for my downfall
[The Game]
And I will leave you with this, my lil' angel, daddy loves you
How I'd die for you, cry for you, ride for you

[Blue Chip]
Yeah, switchin