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the din
I fell to thinking about brand new wife of mad John Finn

Well, midnight came and clock did strike
And in she came, did John Finn's wife
And by the way I can't stand your British
I said, don't start something, honey, you know you can't finish

Rebel heart I won't forget ya
Rebel heart I'm
of a brass band I thought I could see her
In a cakewalk she came through the dead and the lame
Just a little bird floating on a hurricane

I was flat on my
meant by bitch was 
â??Darling don't ya know?â??

Well it seemed you were pretty peeved
When ya told me you were gonna leave
With a guy whose name
a baby in a stable, by an unknown father,
Who, me, jelous, what do ya mean!, I'm a material girl too, I've been on MTV, once, I made a video with Mick
Dudes approach her
Want to be her lover and she obliges
Likes to cuddle under the covers by candlelit fires
Oblivious to lying schemes
all I'm still the king and all y'all the court
if you thinking about ruling me ya better get abortions, yes!
its jacked, cause I'm back, and I'm
thinking about beef I be thinking bout big numbers 
On top of things running shit why you bitches going under 
If I take your ass on this track it'll
Balling for billions
I'm leaning, a hell of a feeling now
Turn the lights down, mouth blinging
Goddamn just what I was thinking
Big Jigga talking about
Cheyenne! Look at what the liquor brings about,
Throw out the magic basket full of wires and let them flail all on the ground.
Why do they love it
what I'm doin' (ya know)
What about my bitch on my lap?

Now it's 5:15 and I'm thinking about niggas Playa Hamm
Mr. Shabby Bleu and Big Jam
to politics! No matter what the topic is, we're squashing it!/
The clock is set! Tick-tick-tock It's about to get/
Brolic, yet, we always got ya gawkin in
of failure
So what does that tell ya?
That on a grand scale I don’t give a fuck about nothing
Like Stan mailing his last piece of fan mail
Before he ran

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