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the thought of being time fucked. 
But now they're all gone and all that's left is this blank faced picture. 
Ninety percent, nothing was done, nothing
all kinds of thing that they not
I'm lost brother, can you help me
Can you help me brother, please

You see what we did, we lost the love
Your every pleasant dream that I've tried

Once this ugly thing I see
When was this cold calling me?
And in my [?]
They got him

I sleep
owns fifty one percent of General Motors
And the stock exchange is the only thing he's qualified to quote us
The Lord is awaiting on you all to awaken
of things 
That move me the most
It's a top ten list of things 
That bother me the most
A top ten list of things 
That scare me the most
I'd have to say
She was so pretty, everyone said
The more so the pity, that she was found dead
Now the flag only flies at 50 percent
In the schoolyard she once
they polluted the future
Got me thinking of a new thing
Computer souls, controlled by confusion
You be clubbin', while the world
that'll be the day, Bud, well, things are a little 
different now, aren't they?
They certainly are and if they keep on improvin' like they're 
doin' now,
I don't wanna see no more of us up under the ground
So now that's why we need to sit down
And talk about the black and the brown

Eighty percent
I keep dwellin' on the past, babe
Know what I need, yeah

I need some real good lovin'
'Cause I'm troubled by the things that I see
I need some real
I keep dwellin' on the past, babe
Know what I need, yeah

I need some real good lovin'
'Cause I'm troubled by the things that I see
I need some real
are dope dealers
get busted by bullets or fuckin squeelers
And the One percent that made it was pure luck
but even he'll tell that his life ain't worth
Things that move me the most
It's a top ten list of 

Things that bother me the most
A top ten list of 
Things that scare me the most
I'd have to say
all good
Keys in that thing, interior all wood
Now ending hills is in the rear view
But piece of mind is what I don't got
You make a girl hit up
a couple hundred dollars for a decal on his truck
No problem

The only thing he cares about is what it's gonna cost
And the only shame he knows is that
the worst thing about sellin' dope 
Is that 80 percent of black people in jail
Cause of drugs, domestic violence, and murder
So you should think about
ice and thug life, that's not my world
I'm the teacher, but you still can't see
Cause while you respect Tupac, Tupac respected me
Another thing
ninety, maybe ninety-five percent of everything that's ever been written. Oh there's the recent theory that a woman, the mysterious â??Jâ??, wrote much
in my zone
Think back to Forest Hills, no perfect home
But the only thing like home I've ever known
Until they snatched it from my mama
And foreclosed
thing in your face another behind your back
But I ain't goin out like that
I'm leavin no stone unturned as I burn down your village and maraud
In vain you
of frieds and I'm sort of surprised 

Because the same thing happened in the lord of the flies 
When piggy lost his glasses and got crushed by a boulder.
for me too
That's what we need to do, that's my advice to you
You remember what happened last time, when you got knocked
Doin' your thing, sewin'
All bow to me like the image of God, Supreme Being
Get you to the eyes worth seeing

Influenced; but not by the ancient ruins of rap
A large percent
a quart that I just had bought 
I'm thinkin' of the moment, things soar in that head 
I feel assurin' durin', also glad 
Yes, feel assured by knowin' I
savage that curse queens 
I'm something from his worst dreams 

First we handling first things, I'm subsurface unseen 
Grat'll hold planet by purse