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It's terminating

How this is ending
What if it's you
Screaming and fading
Not true?
The system's awaiting
When will you get it
Everything's empty
A path of humility is barred

The terminating of days
Past silent lament
Willful sanctimony

The social construct a farce
A playing field to shove
Terrorizing and terminating lives
Hostages of an inexistent fate, 
Empirical visions of a terminated horizon

Humiliating the innocence
Breeding the hate
you feel it terminating in the end

We're so fucked
Shit outta luck
Hardwired to self-destruct
Hardwired to self-destruct

of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
and blood and hate
the blood that's everywhere

suffering, i am terminating this world
i'm your father now
no more shelter, no more fun
human race,
of a ghost makes love to you
You're my doll

A cat, black with green eyes 
And blood everywhere

(Pain and suffering)

I am terminating this world
Bleeding and breeding and in need of some terminating

All genders
All humans
Are disgusting wretched pigs for the slaughter
As death-induced mechanics propel its growth

The implement, the device of my extinction
The terminating clockwork of my gleeful bane
The definitive scourge
As death-induced mechanics propel its growth

The implement, the device of my extinction
The terminating clockwork of my gleeful bane
The definitive scourge
the doors (Yep)
I've been generating the motivation to fuel my work and hatred
I am terminating those with any speculation to my isolation
Play the great
You are terminating time
You pause, pause to realize
Hope flows through an open door
Following me down that road we know

If you go believing
This is
I smell fear
Gas cameras waiting for you
I smell fear
Total devastation
No mercy for mankind
Killing the innocents
I smell fear

a Futureserf
Starts a revolution 
To break free from the slavery
She builds an underground army 
And at the right time, they strike. Terminating with
The fall
To ripe in my prime do not need an opera 
Like the phantom
Give up it's your boy been out here terminating 
Serenade women not sluts 
my prime do not need an opera like the phantom
Give up it is your boy been out here terminating monsters serenade women not sluts your Stealing broads
like Arnold Schwarzenegger terminating all you fucking pricks
Listen pimp
Sipping on a purple, kinda blue
Till the day I die I promise I'll be jamming
Terminating bitches like I'm on a mission
Make it through the vision
Demons getting harder, making me demon
Running like a sonic, now I'm racing
put em on a platter
Bigger and I'm badder terminating half you rappers
I got Chicks throwin fits for my hits they love me
Quick and Sick with the wit
you get when you mix Arnold Schwarzenegger with a machine
In the middle of the same movie
He got shot up in
I’m terminating all you bitches
Just how we
raw now
Ball till we fall now
Never gonna fall out

It's Saucy like the barbecue
I'm drippin like like a molecule
Flexin like Arnold do
danger's are coming
And running they'll be pillaging villages for you
(You better run bitch) (You better watch out!)

Back in the business, I'm terminating
excavating carbon dating
People stuck on elevating contemplating hesitating
Calculating validating, just to end up terminating
Love just keeps on escalating,
his eyes wide open like waking up to a surgeon
Ain't nobody kinda like him he Schwarzenegger his verses
In the end, he gone be finished by terminating

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