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at my fingertips
I see the sun and rain
So many people I could meet
This thing just sweeps me off my feet
Cause I found you
With Modern Day Telephony
debt (debt), debt (debt), debt (debt), debt (debt), debt (debt), debt (debt)

Lawyer's callin' me on the telephony
Tryin' to squeeze some blood from
you sleep, please keep that mellow tone and
I hate my exes, these rumors be sounding telephony
I’m still paying for that first relationship like alimony
Telephony pings, online shiny things
Tired of just being happy I'm alive

Underneath all the bricks and bones
Everyone longs to have some hope
doin' no pallone
Betta telephony if ya wanna hear about some ramen noo
Kunai knife, cut through (Shee)
Bad bitch, in my queue (Brr)
Stackin up, bamboo
talking, telephony
That was cheesy, macaroni
You can say what you want
Cuz your words don't control me
I won't try to take you on
Cuz that won't make me more
triple eight MeloTel, triple w dot MeloTel

Let's talk about technology, yes, follow me you're probably
Using old telephony, you better get apologies
out the expresso, to cellulars, its telephony
Measure my success, by my own trajectory
Not the people next me, may the competition rest in peace
I never
I was born in a library, grew up in telephony
Now I'm all wrapped up in a cyber-cacoon you see
And I'm sure you'll all agree
We bump along and we
Is it all performative? Show and tell. Show or tell? Show? Tell
Tell it - telephone - telegraph - telephony telephotograph 
Television - teleplays
That is what I think of you
It's just a boring convo through and through
Let you go, do it over and over again

Telephony rings, my ears begin

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