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But what's the price we have to pay?
Ready for a new day, ready for a change
People, zombies, everybody say

Hey! We got this!
Teaming up
Everybody teaming up but im riding solo (Solo)
Sleeping on anybody at uni that's a no go (No go)

24/7 that's the mothafucking motto (Motto)
4.0 ching ching
wet, bedroom all leaky
Love you too good, think you were dreaming
Just me and you, no double teaming
This shit our drug, baby we fiending
Aye, steady beaming
They wanna be me
Double teaming, can't defeat me
My shit's appealing
Call the meeting if they stealing
Better believe that Imma
back three Luka
I stay with them racks Venus Serina 
They ain't leaving with us unless me and bro teaming
My white boy in VA say he got the lean
I'm in
down we could meet up in the town square
Got the whole town screamin
Got the whole crowd teaming with the uh

Got the whole town screamin
If you wanna
I'm on a course, I'm on a course for the King
Letting His Praises Ring
I'm giving Him Everything... 
I'm making moves, living it 24/7
Teaming up with
Breezy, hoe (Free Breezy, hoe)
And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, hoe (Shmurda teaming, hoe)
Mitch caught a body about a week ago, week ago
Fuck with
the function
Young Dinero, just a young nigga who really want it
MBN shit, Dinero, Neko, up to something
Tag teaming shit like I’m Jeff and he matt hardy
put me down right uh
Beat it up its a crime
Tag teaming like we Bonnie and Clyde
Got me
Tongue tied
When you grip on my thigh
You're like a drug
Way you
Teaming up on me teaming up on me they teaming up on me is what I see
Bitches in my rover yea i gotta bend her over
Gotta spank gotta wank gotta make her walk the plank
I gotta couple niggas in the back tag teaming with
to end it now
It's time to fade it- fade it out
System of corruption 
Got a system of corruption
That's why we're teaming up
Rebellion against the evil old
I got money yes I do
I want girlies gimme two
Making bangers yes that's true
Pop an eddy yes I flew
huh huh
I got fans and yes we teaming
shit yeah I bleed it
Wavy so she eat my seamen
I hope that she know that we teaming
Giving out beef like I’m Keenan
Roddy I ball every season
Shine on my
ready for what my life gotta bring
Tag teaming us against the world in this bigger ring
And I'm picturing moving onto better things
Just me
wait nah, just
teaming with stars.
We can see their lights
Brightly beaming down
To earth.

On a tilt. Twenty-three.
Clearly, a plane we cannot see.
A spin, we cannot feel
All my ex's tag teaming
Just to tell me I ain't shit
30 mins later
DM full
Still asking for dick
Niggas hating
I ain't worried
Bitch I keep a full
teaming up
We get money course its niggas wanna be like us
Love here but when they go they leave a piece of lust
Mad cuz we T'ing up, They cant seat wit us
the sword from the stone you're conquering dragons
Teaming up's way better than none we stayed with the captain
Victory happened

Victory happens
When you
In a good girl, new world
Teaming with you, filled to the roof

For high art, mad love, nightly news
Skip the reviews

They don't want to be
SUBwave, free Breezy, hoe (Free Breezy, hoe)
And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, hoe (Shmurda teaming, hoe)
Mitch caught a body about a week ago, week ago
the struggle uh
They gone act like a friend till convenience gone
Talking bad teaming up cuz them feelings gone

I know it's certain
Certain things you can force
(But they keep pulling me down!)
One we had enough of them covering the danger
Take the wager, teaming up with our brothers in need!

We could call

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