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Get out of my face
Stop playing games
It's like I just wanna hear you say
That I'm okay feelin' this way
Life's just a wasteful tasteful game
had to do,
I can argue with myself, man, I ain't no fool.

A straight eight engine grunting, smooth and tasteful, across the night.

Looking sharp,
I'm so grateful
For everything Baba
You've always been
You'll always be
Alpha and Omega
It's so tasteful
Everything you've done
So elevating
To be
There is no way of knowing
Which direction we are going
The wind is blowing
The wind is blowing

Tasteful like caramel
The feeling is mutual
Nothing dies easy and nothing dies tasteful
Nothing dies happy and nothing dies faithful
Keep your last words to the world, they won't be graceful
Fresh blood for the guilty
Looking for a cure
No willpower restrained
Lust for the blood
Only for the wicked
Tasteful agony
Need the blood
Real war is within yourself now
Gotta go before you blow
She's a sinner with a halo
A fallen angel but she's tasteful
She came to give
them hips girl
Something bout 
I love it how you're rocking them jeans girl
Something bout 
You're tasteful like my favorite ice cream
a quiet, tasteful little group!
Now that the lights are on, 
I see just how quiet and tasteful you really are!
Let's try it again!
Me first,
Then you,
The barbie and kens masquerade in the twilight 
They hardly know any better

Tell me tell me tell me how your tramp stamp's so tasteful
I know you know I
Often strangled
With thoughts that tangle
Thoughts that tangle
I'm awfully wasted
I need something tasteful
Can you give me that
Bitches going mental
You say that I'm disrespectful
I just think I'm tasteful
Patting my own back when
They tell me to be grateful
They say that that door
the response from this particular community has not been especially gratifying. perhaps you're a little bit too intellectual here. here'
Ething... tasteful, very
tasteful, mon amour 
Je crois que ces négros sont sourds
Dans le buzz, tu t'retrouves tout seul
Et y a Uzi, dans c-sa si y a soucis
Pop ta pussy j'la
lips quiver beneath a song.
So pray for me, tasteful remedy and peace,
May your mouth be removed from my mind before long.

They say time is but
a graceful element
A tasteful compliment

Do you know who I am?
(Look up, look down, watch out, the tiger's on the town tonight)
I'm a deadly handsome man
far from shallow, just a sweet marshmallow
Just a tasteful woman and I can't be your friend
Need you here, in your bunny, in my life, in your bunny
The pistol is poking
I'm wavy
Drive like I stole it
I'm losing control
And i'm wavy
Champagne is tasteful
That body amazing
Though I fail
wasn't for you
It's distasteful the way these niggas hype you up
But doubt you so disgraceful
The soup inside yo cup is like a drug its nothing tasteful
This tasteful trance made me a tasteful prince
A prince of peace
If the situation's still
I get a thrill
I always will
A valve on quick release
Was only tasteful
Run out
Run out
She can't run away so faithfully I'm branded from the enemy
Run out
Run out
I'm feeling grateful
Was only tasteful
you on my payroll
Your smooth velvet is so tasteful

Won't you let me ease your mind
Your sweet is so divine
Bubble gum dreams what you give to me
around making him look tasteful (Taste)
must've bumped your head and thought it was April (April)
It's the shit you do making me feel crazy
trying not
ceases concurrently
Battle begins trivial strife
Black and white brawling bitterly

Sweet colors blending a tasteful shine
Her spark whirls with angelic

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