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Don't be tardy for the party. Don't be tardy for the party.
Don't be tardy for the party. Don't be tardy for the party.
Hurry up baby don't be late.
Hopping inside of a 'rari
Sipping on 'cardi with Cardi
Moving too fast moving too fast
I won't ever be tardy
Hopping inside of a 'rari
of t'"Neddie"
I think she must have meant the bog.
Do you want a drink love?
She says "Aye rhebob, Hey Bob"
Hey Bob?
Tardy lass, Geordie girl,
With her crusty
You know the vibe issa party
Coolin and drinkin Bacardi
Every girl look like a Barbie
Lil nigga sick he was tardy
Pushin weight like we the army
Your love 
Love (all my life)
Your love
Your love

Sorry for my tardy
Long time I was brokenhearted
Heartache, I'm guarded
the party started homie you can’t call me tardy
Turn the music up cuz i’m hotter than a fire
Lit lit lit till the day that I expire
Dancing in the club cuz my
retarded (skrrt skrrt) (Goin retarded yeah)
Getting gnarly
I'm the party (I'm the party yeah)
Never tardy (Never tardy yeah)
Drinkin Bacardi (Uhn)

problems with drinking milk
And being school tardy
She'll loan you her toothbrush
She'll bar tend your party

Kill me, kill me

I called and called,
I put the Drac' on the Charger (woo)
Blew down that bitch like a Dodger (woo)
Racks longer than martyr (woo)
I came to school tardy (woo)
I was
are never tardy
No, no, no
I'm just outchea ballin' Steady as I roll
Girls, and they all on met Met 'em at the mall
It's all about the money 
Tell me if
funds up (Funds up)
Saucin' on a party lame, tossin' up a tardy claim
You gon' run up on me, you gon' leave here with a buzz cut (Buzz Cut!)
Talkin' on my
Mayo, like I just hit the lotto

Project party, It's a project party, Shit so lit 
You can't be tardy, It's a project party, It's a project party 
Warned be don't be tardy
And to say a prayer
Not a single hottie
But his men were there
Around his golden chair

Jesus threw a party
Asked me to be there
dumb (Get high)
You got plenty heard you friendly I'm tryna get me some (Speed that)
It's a party don't be tardy the fun has just begun (Leggo)
on the way
She never tardy
I think I'm done with you baby this shit the hardest
Ain't gotta worry bout a thing I'm rich regardless
She want the strings
that faygo call me Marley
Neck game sloppy it's retarded
Catch a body in the lobby
Always early never tardy
Pass that bottle of Bacardi

I just put her
They in the club cause of me but I'm tardy
I told that boy that he don't wanna start it
First I pull up now he dearly departed
Too many times
I done
its a party
She just wanna teach right now but i'm tardy
I just wanna go real deep in the grave
You cant see me
Big bones jr in the cut
Yeah i'm creepy
Woke up my bands ain't tardy
Said fuck your feelings ain't sorry
I grind said fuck all the party's
My goals they stay like sharpies
My brother he
I’m gone off a molly
I fucked that lil bitch and she built like a Barbie
Don’t fuck with school I ain’t marking that tardy
I’m on the bus getting lit
party so hardy
Got bottles and weed go retarded

I came in real late not tardy
Were gonna party regardless

Party time, Party Time
Party time, Party Time
I'm all alone
Maybe they just tardy
Texting me, "sorry"
Told me they got me
I'm all alone
So, bitch, you don't got me
Yeah I know I'm not a mind
It's a lie

"I'd like to kiss but you're like a secret"
"If you say no, then nobody knows"

We're in a party 
Dreamy and tardy
We're in the night
up tardy
Bitch look like a  barbie
Clutchin' on the forty
Came with your bitch and left with two more shawtys

Came with your bitch and left with two

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