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It was the coldest month of the year, in Japan,
and it was the year end.
There, lived a poor couple Takeshi and Aiko,
in a small town.
Aiko was
mi parlano e udito non funzionante
Un angelo di carta mi salva mentre piango
Ma conosciamo tutti il finale in Takeshi's Castle
Bevo cianuro per stare
d'élite comme Takeshi (Takeshi), la LDO dans l'château comme Takeshi
Crache ce feu, quelque soit l'tempo, eux et nous, c'est pas pareil
Bitch, la guerre,
Satô takeshi
Nakayama tsutomu

anata no sei de, hora
Hora mimi wo sumasu to
Kikoete kisô de

mayonaka no
In Kalaf giochiamo in otto, Takeshi's Castle
In para stavo cotto, dai taccheggi al parco
Quanta roba che gira nei parcheggi in ballo
Tu sei stronzo,
die for this shit ain't no quit 
Keep on swinging like ippo uppercut like I'm sendo (Takeshi Takeshi)

Said I'm keeping the evil off me
I know it's lust
They call me Young Takeshi Kovacs with it
Flow acidic, cold precision
Goated with it
I'll fold you niggas, like your whole division
Hold a minute,
Shoutout, στα παιδιά που μεγάλωσαν δίχως γονείς (Shoutout)
Γράφω, γιατί δεν γουστάρω να μένει μονάχος κανείς
Βάλτο takeshi στο αμάξι και ορκίζομαι
wear all your clothes on
I don't wanna see u again
Nah nah nah (aah)
That bt was so crazy
She bite me like a zyzy
She smelling like Takeshi
Nah nah nah
to have sex
Stop! Takeshi
No more than you
I don't have the physical strength
No, I have sex
I'll definitely have sex
Stop having sex, I'll die Takeshi
niet zo van babbels gaat ze mee dan heb ik mazzel 
Zie het als een game, noem die shit Takeshi's Castle (ni hao) 
En ik ben nog steeds de same, door de
i say mind your business too
Too busy thinking bout dying up in the living room
Takeshi's Castle, open the door fall out
Glow boy, like ball out
mort comme Takeshi
Moi c'est Kovacs, c'est pas Takeshi
Enlève tes sapes, garde tes bas résilles wow
Wow, Gang, Mafia
Y'a pas de talent que du taf
favore se vuoi se farne altri
Stammi molto distante
Parli come se fossi ignorante
Pronti siam freschi
Io non faccio rap io faccio fareshi
Takeshi's Castle
Yeah, sheesh
Ok, umh
C'est le king Kikimoteleba
Et ça va puissance absolue

Quand je suis arrivé, les petits se sont demandés c'qui
suffering's optional
Takeshi's castle, my life's got obstacles
I'm still dealing with a whole load of stress
I see my older brother so close to the edge
come Steven Bradbury
Sei la sfida finale di Takeshi's Castle
Io ci provo a capirti e non capisco un cazzo
Guarda che notte
C'è la luna piena
E ti
Yeah (Takeshi-San)
Glish, let's get it
Tiako la mélo'
Capitaine, capitaine, capitaine
Yeah (Double Bang)

J'ai fait l'tour de la ville
Hey, ola, ola, ola
Sheuboni, hey (Takeshi-San)
Yeah, yeah, 2.7
Yeah, yeah Ris-Kaa
2.7.Z.e.r.o poto, Bosh, ola ola, hey
93, grikitibang

Rolex à 40 000 euros, le terrain de te-shi remplacé par l'héro'
Le ffre-co est rempli de mucho dinero
J'lui fais moussailler,
S.E, S.E, S.E (Takeshi-San)
Hey, K double A et ton Gazo
Grikitibang (grr)
La mala est gangx (grr, paw)
Hey (paw, paw, paw, paw)

On est dans
Twenty twenty
Le 75 reprend c'qui lui est dû de droit
Mmh, capitaine, capitaine (hey), capitaine

C'est les rues sombres de Beriz
come Steven Bradbury
Sei la sfida finale di Takeshi's Castle
Io ci provo a capirti e non capisco un cazzo
Guarda che notte
C'è la luna piena
E ti
of the band
on the bass
tsuda atsutaka
sugawara yuki
another percussionist
kawai michael
sato takeshi
nakayama tsutomu

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