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And Baba said this kiss symbolically showed him who in fact he really was
The next nine months he neither slept nor ate.

His Mother was disturbed by this,
of god
I am a key!

Blessed by the sign, symbolically I die
Intwist me in the lines of trifixion
Torment, semantic in design
Inflict this mortal
literally, symbolically

[Verse Four]
When advice is in your life you need to take it
Cause frankly, everybody ain't gonna make it
Metaphysical scriptures meant to be interpreted symbolically 
Shepherd treads a path of parables 
How few are following man is truly terrible 
While they’re
mentally, symbolically, everything but physically, and I will be fucking you until the cosmos cease to expand and all of creation gravitates in on itself
- I am fucking you.
I am fucking you every minute of every day. I am fucking you astrally, spiritually, mentally, symbolically, everything but
which we imitate to save us from the first.
In the place of the primordial earth, 
she is sacrificed symbolically thus the 
symbol can finally make itself
a lifeline
Symbolically represented by her lips

Yes, to know her is to love her
And I love her, but I don't know her
To know her is to love her
And I
my  agony!
And  I  want  to  be  left  alone...

Yet  again,  I  have  no  answers,
The  confusion  of  my  fate  takes  it's  toll.
Fulfilled prophecy, symbolically
Madness in the streets, catastrophe
Beginning of the end, the consequence
Take all this for granted, life’s contempt

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