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You criminals must be outdone
Your flow is doubtsome
The gavel comin' down on y'all bums
Your injury will be succumbed
Acquittal outcome
The jury's
day I'm turned to stone

We've put tourniquets on collapsible lungs 
Diseased and succumbed to this kind of life
In the realm of your God I found no
Are you the lover, are you the loved
The never changed, or the succumbed
Are you the faithful, or a craven self
Whose wandering eyes, have trimmed
world, I don't care Anymore
Fuck them all, they won't see another down
Now we spread the killing, cause the man succumbed to this
Now we spread
I don't even recognise
Just come a little closer
I just want to look inside
Let me see

You don't need me now
You succumbed to it
This will free you
till now has been silent
I have brought you
That our passions may fuse and merge
In your mind you've already succumbed to me
Dropped all
till now has been silent
I have brought you
That our passions may fuse and merge
In your mind you've already succumbed to me
Dropped all
succumbed to your shine
And now I see you are one with the crowd
Wanna fuck with me, you need to
Up the ante

Lo and behold you came
In my eyes you looked
'cause I had succumbed
When I fell for the illuminated glow
From your halo held up by your horns

You won all of the fights your mistrust had caused
You took me in your arms
Well I've succumbed to your darn charms
You said I'll do what you want
Well I want your body
Your curly hair turns me
Is hoping one day you might let us try
Now you're not here
I've succumbed to fear
That your return to me won't ever come
Until that day appears
I wasn't born yesterday
I've succumbed to your wicked ways
So I'm movin' up, up and away
Up, up and away, up, up and away
Seem to think I'm your
at the void
But you still noticed

I tried to follow you
Almost went lost
The dark succumbed to me
But I hear your steps

Oh I hear your voice
Oh I feel your
as that
Oh what have I become
To society I've succumbed
But it won't be no more
Said the sky
My insecurities
The judgements I received
The fear of losing
their minds like an acute pathogen
We all speak in unison with dagger like tongues
By the semblance of obscurity you'll all be succumbed

Thou hath
Unprecedented encounters 
And the world succumbed

A warm embrace, a candle burning
Your lips on mine
I hear your voice saying once again
We'll be just fine
Youth is wasted on the young
'Cause the truth is we don't have much fun

So much action in our thumbs
An insta-life is to what we've succumbed

succumbed to my feelings
Then we made
We made love
We made love
Certified, made love
We made love
You opened
A place up inside of me
I didn’t know
But u took that toll
Now I'm lost in this world forever
I succumbed to u and ur ignorant presence
I lost what I knew u stole my long love
to lose their zeal

I'm leaving behind all I've ever known
Leaving the fates behind

To Chaos's Cabaret I have succumbed
On the center stage let's see what
succumbed to my seclusion
I just pray its an illusion
Till then I'm trapped in this confusion
You get what you deserve 
You get what you deserve 

on your insides
Prey on the victim succumbed
I'll watch you through the night
Pray on, your doomsday has come
I'll keep you bound so tight
Vagabond, this is
Succumbed to all you have to offer
I am the snake curled round your wrist
No weapon can strike dead the thoughts within your own mind
No cruder
Fire Tamer
In death a savior
In life a changer

Fire Tamer
In life a failure
Succumbed to anger

Fire Tamer
Locked in his chamber
In debt to savior

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