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the chant of subjection
The black essence of my soul
Rusty chains restrain me down
Dreadful pain that cripples me
Manifesting mind disease
Possessive over me
Aye, aye, aye, get down

God didn't make her for man's subjections
Man-made rules and religious projections
She's figurin' out how to bottle
She's got a system they call apartheid
It keeps a brother in a subjection
But maybe pressure can make Jo'anna see
How everybody could a live as one

Set it off on the left y'all 
Set if off on the right y'all 
Set it off 
Set it off by subjection 
Set it off on the right y'all 
Set it
My skin crawls with orgasmic speed
A lifeless object for my subjection
An obsession beyond your imagination
Primitive instinct a passion for
by those who betray their brothers,
Led to total subjection
As minds experience eternal joy

Gift of knowledge
Fire and life 

a system they call apartheid
It keeps a brother in subjection
But maybe pressure will make Joanna see
How everybody can live as one

Gimme hope, Joanna, hope
The altar of subjection 
Stimulate and amuse 
Insanity when a person enjoys 
Hurting someone else 
But it's really hurting himself 
You're a distorted
of were you afraid
Of what you would find
You can't trust it
Subjection to an illnes
You know what you see, ain't what it seems
Now you're grasping to no
Delivered from the chains of subjection
Almighty his chivalry urge
Eriled in the crueltys clutch
Strenghed in the believe in himself
Growned with
Begin.  Break the skin.  Salvation quickly driven in.
Pride in fracture.  In subjection.
A new supply running red with purpose.
Nothing less than
wait, won't you carry me home?

Oh, did you do it all for nothing
Or did it make you sure of something
No matter the subjection
Or the mystery
it is broken
Gone away with deception
I'll root out the nest of rebellion
Wage of sin, total subjection

The ancient law from the old union,
so certain, now I can't figure out
what is their subjection, it only filled a page
there's nothing left to reason, and only you to blame
will it
I’ll be brave 
And I’m leaving my soul 
To the enemy just to see you again 

And we’ll reunite in my subjection 

When will I fall, when will I let
""Hostile opinions. Drifted in your head. Corrupting your mind. Mental subjection. Attempt to poison. Your brain saturate. Mindrot. Telepathy.

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