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to black roses

I've got a diamond desire
Gonna step into the blue fire
Touchin' your lips with my skin
I'm on another level (I can't let go)

So tell
The east coast cross winds on the cold wet stone
I remember windy town

The freezing corners and the empty streets
The burning passion and the cold wet
Mystic passage in saveland
I saw all glory in black gold
The earthly dwelling a crypt of cold
I experience my-self into known maths
Escay of dawn
Hollow and black
Just like the ash
Running through my blood
Cold blood
Cold blood
Cold blood

Vacant in motivation
White hearts and hollow words
on you
Knotted by the screen door
Kidney stones for your black Irish
Praying by the steam heat
Built a ship to needle out of tune and well connected,
Black sheep boy,
Blue-eyed charmer,
Head hanging with horns
From your father.

In a cold little mirror you were grown,
By a black little
Empty hall imminent bounding
cold black stones strangely surrounding
the first touch of mornin' light
I feel a strange vibration any
Am I lead astray, death leads the way. 
My soul enthroned on blackest stone. 
A heart of wisdom beyond my dreams. 
So black, so dark, black
Lift the bridge out of the water 
The stone black light 
Living is easy when it's night 
The cold has covered the rain 
I can see forever,
This young man he arose
What makes you weep down by my grave
I can't take my repose

One kiss, one kiss of your lily white lips, one kiss is all I
from head to toe
The only record that she ever played
Was "just like a rolling stone"
We started talking by the candlelight
Her lips get closer
where he died
It was the last thing ever seen by him

Kyrie Eleison
Mama, mama, forget your pies
Have faith they won't get cold
And turn your eyes
beneath the layers of rotting earth
The blood fills chambers of the lungs
Stifling these last prayers
Suffocate in embrace of tainted life
Cold lips
Disaster, disaster
Disaster, disaster

Fall comes a loaded gun
Black ties for everyone
Can you read my mind
Fall in my arms again
Grey stones
There ain't nothin' in the world
That can take away my memories
Of my travels through the great northwestern
Mountain scenery
With my woman by my

But not far the horns of hope were sounding
Raging moving every icy stone
There were their lying bodies
Were now surrounded by ten shy little Gorks
she dreamin' in color and livin' in black and white

Dreamin' in color livin' in stone cold black and white
Sittin' a grey day leanin'
to heaven

There are many graves by a cold lake
As the beds were when your babies are born
And your rag doll sits with a permanent grin
But the kids just
stones for your pockets, I've collected a few
To hold you down
To hold you down

Mississippi, come back to me
Oh, Mississippi, your cold, black sleep

We started talking by the candlelight
Her lips get closer to mine
We started dancing all around the room
Helped by a bottle of wine

Black heart of stone
Cold satisfaction

The hunter and the hunted
Killing for gain
Violence erupts
like sulfur to a flame
Into the heart
the cold wind blows
Every time I hear the sound
Late night train shunting down by the river
I remember windy town

We come so far and we move so fast
At the spring time of their love
Your breath's so warm on my lips
I can almost hear you think
On a freezing cold November
But it's warm in the pools of your eyes
to teach 
Which way the cold wind blows
Fussing and flapping in priestly black 
Like a murder of crows

And all this time
The river flowed
frozen clouds
Centuries of doom reigned by the Goathrone of desire

Raised by sorcery to the Holocaust sky
North black hordes storms
Through invisible