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Hey man where can I go?
It's too late to find holes in the ocean I know
I said man stay here a while
I'll never find safety in numbers here
down as the puss from the hot itchy burning little stunt 

I bet on is what you really want 

Cause by the cheek smile, eyes that are hazel 

mansions and condos, they quick to swallow dick
Fly G-4 to the West coast, under palm trees poppin Dom P
With a hazel-eyed big blonde weave that got
are crying all over the place
Stay mary stay

Tears and the rain and the dew occupy
The valley sweet mary where you say goodbye
Now while under the rain
a world so black and white, boy
Stay gold, gold, gold, gold

We went by the Marietta train tracks
Where your sister lost her days
Traded a dirty
The young gentleman came riding past
On a snow-blue winter's day
He asked to drink by our fire
And I was pleased to let him stay
He drank there
And another, I hear my sister singing.
And I ought to be on my way right now.
Moving across the land 
With my heart in my hand, 
On my way by now,

Hey now, I want all you brothers and sisters to stand up (Ah shit!)
I want everyone to stand up and be counted tonight (Stand up, yeah)
you, blow your whistle

Yeah, we in the joint yo
We in the joint
Hey yo, hey, yeah, scream

Hey now, I want all you brothers and sisters to stand
Well, he and his sister had barely got by
With the clothes and the shoes on their feet.

So he joined the service when he was eighteen
Like his daddy
stay a while
I don't mean to intrude I had to say "hello"
'Cause if I never did then I would never know
I may be just passing through
But I might
tears in the end
I'm rolling through your hood, now my heart is filled with anger
You at your sister's house and now your sister's life in danger
Guys, what are we doing
Can't live this way forever
Gotta make ourselves some money
Or be thrown out with the bathwater

My sister and my
American by birth and Southern by the grace of God
Means that everything I do, I do it right
New York and California, you can go and have your fun
and stay on
A couple things that I know
I'm blowing that stink by the O
My weed so strong I swear to god you would think it's cologne
I go anywhere in
And get ? dozens ? while you still smell the roses.

[Chorus: x2]

? my life's real but sometimes seems like a dream
My eye key and fast speed stay
No way you can win
Beginnin of the end

Of your liberal friends who pretend

Everythings changed
While nuthins changed much
Uhh this is chuck

On the outside peekin' in
End of your free ride
No way you can win
beginnin' of the end

Of your liberal friends who pretend

Everything's changed
mother wept

You watched while father held her, 
said “Some things come but can’t stay here.”
You saw a brightness. 
Like a light through your eyes
I say, hello to your sister
She's the one that I want
I hear she's got a pocket full of angels

I tell her, I'll be her mirror
And we pretend that
time like these
They know who we are by now
They know who we are.
Champion, a champion (champion, champion)

Yeah, okay, we made it to America
with a girl
And you want to stay
Then my friend you're in a Carolina day
Oh, oh, it's a Carolina day

Alec and Brent they're lovin' their child
Will lead to the new cross burnings
And who will be hanging next from that tree
Who'd have my sisters stay at home
To feed and mend and tremble?
this week
Four young brothers got shot in the street
The very next day while I'm off to class
My momma go to work cold bustin' her ass
My sisters
(Ooh ooh)
They know who we are by now
They know who we are
Champion, the champion (champion, champion)

Yeah, okay, we made it to America
I remember when

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