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it won't be big or small
Your stature on earth won't measure your worth
In His eyes one size fits all

You might walk a hard road or live on easy
damage dealer, coochie killer
Check the stature, I'm a master, yeah we eatin' check the platter
Pockets fatter, fuck the chatter, they opinions never
something pleasant consider it a present 
You brought me out my crevasse

Dear maiden not often I lose it 
Knocked my balance off
Your posture bares stature
emphatic ecstatic for the fact my status is active
Status is active I'm back attackin' ya stature
Ya Catch a batch of these cappers and ravish half of these
won't be big or small
Your stature on earth won't measure your worth
In His eyes one size fits all

You might walk a hard road or live on easy street
you grow in stature, my only one
May you grow in stature 
In that alien tent, I gave birth to you 
I am all alone
And alone are you! 

May you become
the clit commander (I'm the clit commander)
You can't meet me here this is not your stature
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Pulled the sword from the stone, Now Ima king
lack of self-restraint did not make him run amok when successful.
Maurice was a man with a high complexion and distinguished features, in stature
doing a nose dive
So be cautious and don't be anxious
Even though you never could now you wanna catch ST-Statures
(Now you wanna catch ST-Statures
of falling, truth be told
I don't get close to edges
I'm afraid that I'll let go

I'm a big, big man
Not just in size or in stature
In terms of space that can't
How come a star of your
Got a big surprise when you saw me
Comin' at ya
I'm your number one fan
And I go to see every picture
The more
red eye
And makin vibes the tune is so original 
The hate is on the stature 
Took a sample up from the Ragga 
Trip up the beat much faster 
While I
Will's wacky weather report 
His jokes will surely make you snort 
His stature may be a little short 
But at least he's got a witty retort 
Need to pay off all my debts
Got me stressing like a bitch 
Show the city we up next
Bussing all these power moves
Peep my stature when i flex

you're sinking in their past, yuh

Cars and clothes don't make you worthy
I find it unusual you measure stature by the fleck of diamond rings
Big ol' shiny
please save me From all Yah save me from it all
And now I am a new creature, a new stature
Wit new features, yea I’m
A new creature, a new stature
Wit new
perspective is limited
That's why they act like little kids
Maybe it is human nature
We fight no matter the stature
We fight to climb up the ladder
I'll take
to see the sun's size
to meet the stature of space?

Was I in charge to paint the sky
did I pick the white and blue?
Was it me who put the lights out high
Innocence is a memory, when we blind ourselves to pain
Stature through negativity, an action thought insane

Fury! Frenzy! Madness! A man consumed
Power beyond the amorphous stature breathing lies
Inside the ties that bind

Waves of doubt wash over me
Skepticism oscillates in the mind
the killing crime.

Gunsmoke blazes, glochs crack.
Casket encases, bodies stack.
Kill for the stature of this game.
Yearn to kill or learn to die lame.
child killings
Excruciating pain like a root canal without a filling

Forever we, pillars in this stature in this Ascap rapture
Wordplay that will snatch
gonna get ya, once I got ya, I gat ya
You could never capture the Method Man's stature
For rhyme and for rapture, got niggas resigning, now master
a face no one else can know
Points to the path that i must go

A bloody blade brings change tonight
I am innocent in my blight.
Regal in stature, i take

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