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next move
Success means issues, so I guess it's time for me to disclude

Handle mines, we use pistols
G's move with the conscience
When we disaprove
TV screen, DVD, E-mail
Passenger, bad female, what the hell
Stash spot, with the hollow head shell
Niggas start trippin, I'm on the next tail
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
Dance and dine and drink the wine
But someday you will know what makes the lonely teardrops start

She danced in Del Camino Inn each night
And how I
Futuristic tennis shoes when I hop off

Yeah, yeah, yeah I got a need for speed get in da truck wit me
Or we can start in the Bentley doin a buck fifty
respect women's lib by letting them get their mace off
My dogs are hungry so I flick em with cutting your face off

Follow my lead, smoke weed and bleed
two times
And young nigga, keep coastin'
Turn on the DVD and watch myself on TV
It's killings after killings but they don't know it's me
It's lil'
wanna rock it
So you gotta kick it with the homies
But D-E-L is already hip to your cronies
Me and CM-PX thought about this and never have we seen
wood with wheel on
With a flyin' bitch some old gangsta shit
Flat screen DVD's smoking stank and shit

Ain't dat shit Sunday bull tank and shit
Top down
much I push the cash money, they don't believe me 
Turn on the DVD, and the c.d 
Don't watch me, homeboy watch T.V 
Head rest, 7.5 Clarion 
You ain't
like the cruise control
On the slow creep DVD front and back
You like park it Have em' all watchin' like they
With the big screen And when the crowd is
was me then, up on the screen then
Getting taught humbleness by a mad man!"
I'm down with releasing the inner peace
You're only down with releasing your
Uh uh uh uh uh

where do I start gota find me a spot
04 that's when THE REST IS HISTORY finally dropped
Did a joint with a Kanye in one single night
name but you can call me Kinfolk
If it's your first time herein' it, man, this is what you're in for

A laid back flow with a whole lotta' swag
A lot
them eat bullshit, make the land pay"
Make a fast deal with the local elite 
Then substitute cash-crops where once grew wheat
Build a cycle
Se me ponen el cinturón...
Y se me aguantan...

Yo no lloro
Si caigo me levanto del lodo
Saco el bolígrafo y me desahogo
No tienen que venir
you gangbanging let me see credentials
And when I pull this gun out you know how this go
Started with a dollar and a dream!
(Look at me now, look at me
And I put holes in yo bandanna
I push a Benz you still rolling gs
So nigga miss me with the set trip
And start slanging keys

[Ice Cube]
grinding out the trunk getting hella cash
B-Legit man, E-40 dude
Del and Heiro got their start up under Cube
Love to my Bay Area fam
'93 Til Infinity is
rapping to the hoochies
Dirty old fat hoes come up with a smoochie
Hoochie coochie la la la la
I might pull your tongue out your mouth
And try to hang
naturally in kissing position.
Hableme el unico del mundo.
Digame: comoe te hare ese sonido. Tan glorioso.
Que aun hoba con anticipation de el. Me ha
chalk and brains on the sidewalk
I know you hear me
Nigga talk


Nigga I'm weak-in, can't move my mouth to speak-in
They caught me creepin
And I put holes in yo bandanna
I push a Benz you still rollin' Gs
So n**** miss me with the set trip 
And start slangin' keys

[Ice Cube]
of justice would love to bust us
Bang hard, get jacked by gang squad
So we keep it on the low, make us untouchable
Hard hittin when my man start spittin
And I put holes in yo bandanna
I push a Benz you still rollin' Gs
So n**** miss me with the set trip 
And start slangin' keys

[Ice Cube]

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