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and I know how it works
What it takes getting money from dirt
Before it sprouted what I want you to see
Let me take you here on this journey
Tell me
me ten hours to go out and count up a hunnid
My wrist... is crowded
Fought my way to top now I'm known as the undoubted
This money... its sprouted (Its
knows lord knows
From the concrete sprouted a rose
Lord knows lord knows
Only in his name, I boast yeah
Lord knows every single hair on head
And when I
I'ma grind till the death of me money be the missing key
Even though it was sprouted up from the hell from beneath my feet
I'ma grind till its
that college bid
Penning books and signing off on em like a novelist
Sprouted from the grassroots to enterprise conglomerates
Starved for resources,
stone I want it engraved to say

Ya when they put me in the ground
They didn't know that I am a seed and I sprouted right back up again
Yeah when they
the dirt
And sprouted weeds out the mounds
You gon' wanna hear
How I did what I did
Like a bird in the sky
How I flew in the wind
People gonna act like they
the horse sprouted wings she was a unicorn

Lying awake I'm lying awake 
It's Christmas Eve I need some Z's I'm lying awake
I'm getting sleepy my bed is so
posed to do 
The love the different got this feeling that you hating too 
Sprouted up from nothing he like 7 2 
Crazy when you focus then you break it
of day
You saw a broken girl
You loved me anyway

And if I sprouted wings
I would not be amazed
Cause faith is a mystery that
Rocks me for days
It rained in my house and my wildflowers sprouted
I opened up my umbrella and pouted

I need you to feel bad for me today
I need a cigarette not
I’m walking down can you see the crown on my head
I couldn’t see the confidence and I thought it was dead
But it sprouted
I used to doubt it and I
of Indians I sprouted around them
I saw a group of Shawnsters I gotta recount them
Swear I had more last time
Losing subs
Oh my, it's about time
Had too many
laughter Sprouted
From the silence of my notebook
It sprouted

من هنوز
یه جاموندم
یه اشتباه
موندم پای نوشته هام
یه کابوسم تو قصه ها
من هنوز
مشت های روی
dirty work boots
Doc said I wouldn't even be 5'3
Suddenly I sprouted up the family think I'm Groot
Couldn't walk a mile In a shoes
I was mopping with
how I Sprouted
This for them days I was clouded looked to the sky for my father and Shouted YAH
This for them days I was droughted I found the fountain
And made myself home
My eyes sprouted rivers
That fed flower beds
My wisdom and growth
Is the crown on my head
Is the crown on my head
Is the crown on my
have sprouted
And my peace, I found it
And my thoughts were clouded
I need to
I try to stay grounded
I try to

Keep a level head
Minute by minute
A rare flower done sprouted out the space dust
I beat the odds nigga, y’all ain’t have to face much
On dis barron planet, but what I do, I pushed
I’m just in pain
My father don’t love me the same
And I was so cautious my stomach was nauseous
My feet were falling, my wings sprouted to late
batter with swarms of bastards
That can't get enough from you 
Oh fool's land, our kind is damned
The furrows of pain never sprouted right
you proud of me
(Proud of me)
Yea, I'm my father's seed, But it was you who sprouted me
(Sprouted me)
No matter what I'ma love you till the reaper take
would dream 'bout; It
Kept my sight
I saw it and ain't doubt it
Plant a seed
And water 'til it sprouted
And when the drought came
You made me believe
neck? (yea yea)
sprouted out my nose? (yea yea)
god i'm a hairy fool,
oh your clogging up my pool!

Hairy bodies-ah,
shave your bodies-ah,

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