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Michael Splint  


Well, with these splint's scars
I'm all that to you
I'm all that's who
Garlands evergreen
Forget-me-not wreaths
Chaplets see me drugged
an invitation
I want someone to steal from
Anyone but probably you

Tell me Easter's on Friday
And I'll splint my hips
Tell me Easter's on Friday
And I'll
begin to fall

With a voice like glass
Born to splint and shatter
The touch of sunlight
Like heavens plague, the birth of black

With hung halos of wrath
to easily
And what's on my mind, 
The last time you kissed me

It was a foam splint-shackle
And twenty hours on a train
Six years and I wonder
If you
A less than perfect splint,
She lifts the cup to her lips,
She trys to force it back,
Something in her gut starts to react.

definitely, or it must
smoking spices
Tripple lindsey out the g, landing to a splint
Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit! 
You're staying broke, like morty with a hit
never sucked) [Repeat: x2]

I never sucked sour splints from a chew stick
Don't lick bics 'cause fire sticks to flame (flame)
Get wicks to catch
cuts and wounds I've bound.
Busted arms, and busted heads,
Broken backs and broken legs,
I'd sooner put ye in a splint than have them put ye in
or food, that's not a decision
The 99 percent, is man tryin' to vent
Police grab my fuckin' arm, then they got bent
Now it's in a splint, I can't pay my
I'm playin' a dentist
I get to drillin'
Soon as I finish, she get the fillings
I'm finna splint it
I'm not defensive, I can't be offended
and fly any day
You dirty niggas y'all too whack to dance
Y'all need to ease up off that now before y'all splint y'all pants
And leave that up to my
They gathered up all the fingerprints and put splints on all the broken bones 
A former member lover to discover seven more overtones 
He said oh, my
Well ah jumpt! and fled this fuckin' heap on doctored wings
Mah flailin pinions, with splints and rags and crutches!
(Damn things nearly hardly
and fly any day
You dirty niggas y'all too whack to dance
Y'all need to ease up off that now before y'all splint y'all pants
And leave that up to my
a nigga, nigga

I am the soulless who coldest creaks in the winter, roll it
Splint it deep and itching for bitches' dentals to denim
Puffing loud
nobody heard it

Great balls of fire, I'm travelling at higher speeds
To proceed to penetrate flesh, hitting the splint
After splitting the chest
This is a progressive dance but
Remember it was me who dragged you up to the sweaty floor
Well this has been a reel
I've got shin-splints
traff meg

Mitt fundament er tynt. Eg knekker sikkert
lett på midten. Eg har aldri levd sunt
Straff meg

Min vei blir til mens eg går
Alt er
Maybe you can make a splint for your broken ego
For your broken ego

So I say thank you for the scars
And the guilt and the pain
Every tear I've
As we fall into sequence
And we're eating our young
Remain silent and still for modesty
When the splints have been broken
And they can't help you now
And they took him to that place
With no hesitation
He was coughing up all kinds of information
Ole, master splint ass nigga
Can't handle
height for the barn when the spot light swivel hard right over the farm. Post up. 3 cheers for the gimp sprint, thank you. Limp to the door, splint what he
through cages, profusion 
In quantities that sing just like the crow 
Get covered in splints and roll through the mud and light a match next to your skin
The mind begins to fold upon itself 
The past cannot consign while limping by your side 
It's splints shall stop you moving with the tide

You're by my side

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