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Space monkey, space monkey
What you doing out there?
Why it's dark as a dungeon way up in the air

Come gather round me you little monkeys
Brace yourself 'cause there's no gravity! 

You're in the motherfuckin' Space Olympics! 

Let it be known by every nation 
You'll only get one meal
of things
He stepped into the darkened space
The air was thick and warm
He drops the coins in one by one
The scene unfolds before him

He stands looking
Is in the air for you and me

Discovered by Madame Curie

Tune in to the melody

Sometimes... by, deceives... in a world
... pictures are in a place and space... 
... that's first to... covers... in the air
That's a... time
the air, take me in
Only Phool* with, carry me away
Visions in your eyes, Telling me no lies
I can see, deep within your heart
Heart is
The days were young the nights were long the air was new 
Now the time has come and gone and I have lived with and without you
The weeks blew by
The pulsing of the flare reflected in the air
Stick-stuck goggles deflecting the stare
Underground, overdrive
Countdown, take off

We're gone,
and space was shared together
Songs were sung, and laughter filled the air
But just as life is long, we must move on
And chart our own course to the rising
to the
Lost continent of Atlantis.
So the answers are given in the past,
Somewhere in the infinity of space and time.

Look away and she's eastbound, out of sight.

Dropped here,
By the hand of the Astronaut,
Builder of the pyramids,
The man from outer space
I hadn't seen them for ages
I was in the ground
But by then it was too late

You can see he was beautiful
Cigarette, he stops for a cigarette
Let's move out, relocate
This place is in a state
Let's buy a pig or a hen

We need some open space
We need a change of pace

So life here in town
Trailing out through the golden dawn. veering into the
Angry swarm carried by the birds into the dark. swooping
Down through the blurry clouds.
Down in Texas
They don't breathe 
That New York City polluted air

The New York City sidewalks 
Filled with people 
Too busy to say hello
So they invented race and made themselves different
From those they banned from grace
They invented race by writing difference in the air

Lost in space above all drifting
To a place where planets shifting
The moon erased, it's features lifting
The glare

But I am the stuff of happy
Don’t you wish we could run away baby?
Find ourselves a little space
Just you and me and a sunny day, hey, hey
In some secret hiding place
are very faint
And the pollution in earths atmosphere

washes out their pale light

Floating without air, without light
Or else - charred
Good air, good water, good earth
Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia

Little garden planet, oasis in space
Some hearts hurt, they can hardly stand
I'd drift with them in endless space
But no man flies from this place

At night I lay upon my bench and stare towards the stars
The cold night air
The time is slipping and running away
All the hours in procession
Lining up day by day
What you thought you could never hold in your hand
end and I begin

Basic space
Don't look away
When there's nothin'

I'm setting us in stone
Piece by piece before I'm alone
air I breathe.

Are you lost in the plate glass sermon?
Don’t call it death for me instalment plan,
She’s putting the armor on my back,
air I breathe.

Are you lost in the plate glass sermon?
Don't call it death for me installment plan,
She's putting the armor on my back,

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