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your little heart out
You can drive them back to town in a beat-up grace kelly car

Looking like a friend of truman capote, looking exactly like you
nobody else
You and I tighter than the jeans on my ass
You remind me of this thing something like
R.Kelly singing 'bout a jeep
Boy, you're everything to me
I came from the dream-time,
From the dusty red-soil plains.
I am the ancient heart,
The keeper of the flame.
I stood upon the rocky shores,
Dolly Parton
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Genuine Draft with the Gat
Can you see the Slob slippin' as I aim for the heart by connect with the level
That I'ma
[R. Kelly - talking (continues behind Chorus)]
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah
You can catch me in the club
[R. Kelly - talking] (*continues behind Chorus*)
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah

You can catch me in
How's it goin' there everybody,
From Cork, New York, Dundalk, Gortahork and Glenamaddy.
Here we are in the County Clare
It's a long, long way from
a funeral, brought on by a sad song
After biggie's, one more chance, who was ugly doin'?
Sade made me wanna do it in the rain
R. Kelly had me rentin' cars
Kelly mountain road
Saw a heavy load
With a sagging heart
And a break apart
Voices in me
Stood as thick as thieves
With no sympathy
have it like Richochet Rabbit
It can ruin your rep

There are ways of preventin' this 
Check your hygienist and your dentist
You might think I'm
of the cabin
Camp floggnaw nigga you can tell by the badge
(Pass me my inhaler)
I'm sick of hacking and coughing, I'm often this fucking awesome
I'm animals,
[R. Kelly - talking (continues behind Chorus)]
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah
Roll, cheah, cheah
You can catch me in the club
by my girl's family
I gotta dream and it might seem thin
But I couldn't breathe without it, it's my Siamese twin

I sleep no more, dream with eyes
Whoa-oh, I can't see shit, my words get to slurrin'
Uh-oh! You can call me R. Kelly now, you're in trouble!
What's occurin' befo', after and durin the show
on me, I see you blushing girl
I got you tempted cause I'm smooth as David Ruffin girl


I'm the kid from the telly with R. Kelly man
real feminine
I'll put that R. Kelly on ya
Fingers have some smelly on ya
The boy's dry humps are now man pumps
Can he go deeper than the explorer
was to get ran through by a linebacker or a quarterback
R Kelly didn't have to tell me about your bump-n-grind and your foreplay
I found out and I
Baby, never will I, love another lady
Cause I loved you more than R. Kelly loved Sadie
Maybe I should leave instead of gettin upset
And on some "Why Me
the scene like Machine Gun Kelly 
Two to the head about four cross the belly 
Steady givin' niggaz the runs 
Fuckin' clam put your fists down and go for
Let go yo secrecy let me go deep in the heart of it
We have a team and, yes we really want you to be part of it
Let's get it erotic slept with' it
hot, you know the beat won't stop
until the panties drop..
Now play this slow jam; I got ya bumpin and grindin' like R.Kelly,
With bedroom
somewhere down the line, a lot of suckas came
Yeah ain't talkin' shit
But we can all tell he ass
Jags are black his eyes like the are-Kelly mask (ah)
deep like a bachelor 
I turn shit over like a spatula 
You know how it goes by now, word to God 
Lyrics are so hard they'll be Kevin Costner's bodyguard
independent, can't touch me kids
Split your wig then hire Cochran, like Puffy did
(fiesta) fiesta, like my name R. Kelly
I'm the boss see the cross, hanging

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