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his letters from far away Vietnam
And dreading the official telegram

So she was waiting at the station when his train came rolling in
She ached with
At the video shop
Let me fly, fly you away
From all of the depression in you head
Caused by all the living in the red

I've got a bootleg version of Citizen
mind, you've spent your life
And you've ended up with what?
But you've gone way too far by now to turn around
Running fast and you're running blind
So I be rising pretty far when I drop this
Landing on everybody topless like eyes in a titty bar
I'm different, I ain't only out to see paper
'cause you was there through tha rain and tha sunny days
Stood by me when most chicks would run away
That's why you get respect when you're around my crew
In so many bourgeois homes Van Gogh's sunflowers radiate from the walls,
Yet he lived in utter misery, condemned by those very same people.
Why is it

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