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nose is long
Her nose is short
His nose is wide
Their nose is narrow
Her nose is bumpy
His nose is smooth
Their nose is high
Her nose is low

Her legs
my Celly
All my niggas eating of the money while it's healthy
Choppa dumpin' with big bodies but we ain stealthy
Smooth criminal my nose clean I don't
don’t be a fool
Can’t say it happen over night to be this damn smooth
Smack your nose off I challenge to a duel
Hit you with a steel toe
You out to miss
that grow
Falls in sleepy streams.

Brown Lollard treads upon the lawn,
And to the armchair goes,
And now the old man's dreams are gone,
He smooths
Television shoot in miami yeah we rocking smooth
Innovation tool in your head like a photo booth
Got a straight box to your mouth you knock out
pops to be cool, moving smooth like a don
Under noses I crawl until I say that I'm gone, then I'm gone

I act different when the sun down
I'm a fiend in
Nobody can keep it realer than me

The spring time
I'm indifferent
I mean The weather smooth
But why the fuck my nose itching
Not sure if its
Smoking on exotic
Tell them boys I want the grey pound
I see you niggas talking
I'ma give you something to hate 'bout
I'm a smooth dude
Better wipe your
it's not a smooth sea, wave salts
under my nose, manifold shaking I hold
under ice, over water, sip tomato juice,
in steady mist, too low, no
yo jewels oh you think smooth
two gloccs move you shot
Nose pierced this ain't 2pac
G nigga yea you not
Slum city it's a hard knocc
Slum city it's
if I deserve you
You make me feel like I'm at home when you hold my hand
Say my name a certain way
Sounds so smooth rolling off your tongue
Your cute
you test me
Bless me (Bless you)
I just wiped a nigga nose, smooth and twelve won't arrest me (Fuck 12)
And these niggas they be hoes
Ou, I call that
When we smile slugs we strip them bare
Oh how perfectly smooth yeah go look elsewhere
Through the nose and out your hole
It's clear it's a prettied
to dust off
Grub up, she screaming life's hard
I told her suck up (Hahaha)
I'm fucked up
Like I mixed the light with the Dark stuff (Ahhh)

A smooth
I just wanna have some fun
Man, your fun is through the nose
Flow smooth, like a vroom with a two-food
Vroom vroom, like Unghetto with that Matthieu
Call me vending machine, I got what you need
There's no purchase necessary
A tasty fizz that'll tickle ya nose
My smooth strawberry that'll curl ya
let it blow cause all that beer you plant bout fake gmo 
Veno moonwalking  Michele Jackson I acquired I’m a smooth criminal I just beat  and let this
Now I've gotta reputation
I'm a walkin red flag
Say hello to the narcissistic douchebag
Tight jeans, white Nikes and a nose ring
Smooth talking just
your bitch, yeah
Yeah, we go smooth, yeah, we so smooth
Icy on the chain, icy on the nose

I got D.R.O. shoes, who the fuck to lose
What the fuck I got
to refute that faking goes
Smooth like butter like a
Dandelion under your nose
But damn the lying
Have you ever wondered who chose
That people drinking 8
We gotta motto to represent the mood that we be in 
That we be in c'mon
We stay mellow, stay smooth, stay cool, let it move with the wind 
Tell it
down on floor
I ain't even had to pay
Baby showed me her rose
Kiss my neck she
Kissing my nose
Ooohhh baby yeah
Your getting too close
Smooth the ladies
the answer to that Tom

Ima take my time Ima take it slow
Smooth Criminal
Pricey ass bitch she be digging for gold
But she looking so stupid like her
like slopes 

Hook [Jucee Froot]

Smooth criminal they way I'm whippin in the SRT
Bands moonwalk when I'm stepping in these Louie V's 
Wipe his nose like

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