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Everyday redefine study
Way back when
2 am corner store junkie
Addicted to the slummies getting gully
Way back when
Always used to dress in something funky
'Slummy Ghetto' (repeat)
Slummy Ghetto (Repeat)

Things are getting hard when I'm wearing my star in the ghetto. 
Because of who we are yes my people
Boy I'm slummy
Got no money
What the fuck you want from me, I got nothing
I'm in a rut, stuck
Don' tell me to stand up
I crack the whip cuh
Bitch you
to break her heart like no honey
Got a bad little bitch from West Po she a snow bunny
Shit be too slummy
These niggas be too dummy
Got the gold like Tut's
the slummies slummies
Cold world nose runny runny 
Breaking bread with our crumbies crumbies
Pray ya homie don’t get money hungry 
If he jump let him bungee
slummy like your homie
Deadbeat all my life and that's all I ever will be
I'm a Rankin County prodigee 
Got Trashy in my veins
You can type the philosophy
know the rule of thumb be 
Don't try to take nothing from me
I rule it wit a street stay slummy
Make money's the motto, fuck the niggas that squabble
We're in a slummy economic mess
Whole world is crying, whole world is dying

[Chorus: x2]

Some a dem, Some a dem, Some a dem
Some a dem, Some
'cause it tastes better than the poisonous fog
Seeping from the sewers in my slummy neighborhood
But the ghetto got love and the love is all good
Smokin' a 'Baro, whip up an egg and avocado
I'm on the porch like a slummy Ralph Lauren model
Flannel shirt like a lumberjack choppin' a log-o
the second coming
Second time around I keep it extra slummy
Fuck what you repping, your record's crumby
For the check, I've been a grill, I'm feeling extra
money, cause it wasn't funny, my days were not sunny, growing up poor
Looking so slummy, and feeling so grumpy and I wasn't lucky, I slept on the floor
Why you bluffing

Knowing where I'm at
It get slummy
Why yo roll dog looking bummy

I can't hit a lick with a ham
Boy you Nick
Lookin all sunny
If I seem flawed I apologize I'm slummy
Got a big heart, why mind ride like a dummy
Driving in the dark
Ain't no headlights here
Your card burn
Your body and
Put you in the
Graveyard stop
Acting you
Came from a
Slummy Place
You a king
Protect his
Queen that's
His ace while
of funny
I want to be great but didn't come from money
I come from a place that's kind of slummy
But that shouldn't be the reason I get labeled a dummy
should walk like messiah
Been slummy, I come off like pariah
Got a thing for some things in my life yeah
Don't blink, you might miss 'em goodbye
I hope
fucking with me
But It's slummy where I'm from we keep that shit Sucka free (Look)   

I don't even want no hook on this one just let it ride 
what to me, I wish a nigga would
Fuck the club owner, in the section with the Thugs
Word to the Slummy Sonny, we gone tear da club up
She don’t wanna
wit da cheat code
We shoot shit like free throw
And yo bitch she on me I taxed dat like Debo
Sloss and slummy biih get with da Lingo
bummy and slummy
Had to cook it up to get these streets to love me
Still life was nothing lovely
A chef is what they dub me
And still to the front
Dialect for the hungry
The poor and the bummy
Living in the slummy
The ill ville ugly
They kill for the money
Like they kill for the money
Murder in
So don't you think that I'm a dummy
I came up from the bottom
I was deep into the slummies
Want you to feel the passion
I put into this beat
hope money really makes me feel alive

Ah, bayand'phakamisa
I'm that Slummies kid, I kid you not that I'm gonna win
Bayanda'chapukisa, RIP Madiba, gotta

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