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shall enter
Wicked shall not enter
Wicked shall not enter
People come and see it flow.

Roll, roll, roll,
People come and see the river flow
A go
Well, the nine pound hammer is a little too heavy
It's for my size, honey, for my size
Oh, roll on, buddy, don't you roll so slow
How can I roll when
(words & music by sid tepper - roy c. bennett)
When you meet by chance, it's not by chance
It's kismet
When two hearts stand still, it's destiny's
the hell else can I do

I wanna slow it all down and watch it roll by
See where the sweet melody falls
I wanna roll off the tempo, lay back and get high

Maybe it’s the way you look tonight
Maybe it’s the wine
Maybe it’s just because it seems our very first time
schooled without direction

Gold against the soul
Rock'n'roll has a conscience
It supplies convenience
Gold against
Against the soul
Against the soul
on by
Nobody will stop me

Come take my hand
Let's start the show
Strike up the band
And you'll see

Everybody wants
Everybody wants
Black shoes fit, like they was made, from ashes 
Another brother, a sister or somebody's pops 
And when I see Al, he never stops 
Unless it's to make
Written By Lee Roy Parnell And Tom Hambridge

They Say Every Dog Gonna Have His Day

Ain?t So Much As A Bone Ever Thrown My Way

My Good Luck?s
Time goes by real slow, and you know how it feels.
Time goes by in its own bad way, your life stuck under the wheels.
Time is tight but that's
he's up at day break
Him and Roy wadin' in Cotton Creek
That dog was like his brother
You see one, you see the other
Cut one, and both of them would
And of the million things that ran through my mind
Only one I can say


My head's turnin' gray
And I walk really slow
And it's harder to see
so right, it can't be wrong so far as I can see
Where you wanna go
Baby, I'll do anything

Cause if you wanna go
Baby, let's go
If you wanna
Roll On Mississippi
Walking along, whistling a song
Half foot and fancy free,
A big riverboat, passing us by, she's headed for New Orleans
own tail
When he metioned 10 years in a Mexican jail
So I pointed at John Roy and said
It's all his, now please let me go, I mean it was your idea
This nine pound hammer, it's a little too heavy
For my size, baby, for my size
I'm goin' on the mountain, gonna see my baby
But I ain't comin'
there are two more of your friends I know 
you'll want to see, they're waitin' for you." There they were standin' 
side by side and smilin' at me--Hank
Here they roll down
Like a miracle that's over
Here they slow down
Like a miracle that's over

Tell them for me as you see them speeding by
as money
I swear by stars above, sweet as honey
People think you're down and out
You show them what it's all about
You can make it, roll with it, baby
Get some traction
Between you and the scenery

Say hello way
Not to fast
It don't last
Just follow my reflection

Day by day
See that view
sitting there in my pink toenails

I've got my walkman and my Cosmo and my ticket to ride
All I need is my box of chocolates and you here by my side
Why don't we try a slow dance
It's all going by us too fast
Oh, why don't we try a slow dance
And maybe this moment will last

All night long we've
of your friends I know 
you'll want to see, they're waitin' for you." There they were standin' side by side and smilin' at me--
Hank Williams and Johnny
to take these pictures in, but
All my friends can see is just the pinkness of his skin

Slow down, slow down
Someone must have said that slowed him down
back Lord I ain't comin' back 
Oh roll on buddy don't you roll so slow how can I go when my wheels won't roll 
Roll on buddy pull a load o'coal how can

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