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That Slaine is dead

It's been so long, you see my face
While I come back to plead my case
When I'm gone and time comes to make a leap of faith
Gun shot sounds click clack bang bang
Another black man in the streets been slaine
Cops dont care cause its all in vain just bang bang
From gang bang
Tell them motherfuckers to shut the fuck up in the background!
There's a new song and dance going on!

[Verse 1: Slaine]
Up in the MGM Grand with
move onward
Warriors we put em' on first, this is our turf
Fuck all these fake concepts, this is all work
(de, slaine!) we kill the concert
Break em'
(Verse 1: Slaine)
I smell like American money, filled with heroin dummy
I'm the envy of all my enemies, they'll never become me
I'm a gluttonous nut,
on the ground, we go bang loud
Never friendly, ill as Bill, get you slain(e) pal
No shame, stare the ref in the face, commit the same foul
Walking with disdain,
most deaf
Blow weed fly high like top deck
Young project, in this rap game
Cats slaine like Max Payne
Blast flames let patch reign
Y'all mumble rappers
blaze mc's get slaine
Rhyme assassin spit with passion unruly fashion
Come out blasting packed with action like titans clashing 
Come with violence
Chcesz przyprowadzić pannę to lepiej jej cipę zaszyj
Z głośników Necro Slaine a nie Waka Flocka Flame
Wszystko co nie zamarza do kieliszków lej
many remain
To many by me slaine
I fuck my brain
Have the fucking money rain
Welcome in the gangsta train

I have the fucking pain
Why you say my fucking
a Slaine aunó fuerzas estos paladines van a  fulminarte.
Forjados con tinta y papel amargos como hiel 
traemos más historias que un burdel
fábulas por habido
a 5th of gin
Problems for the pain but somehow I got the devils grin
A soul you could neva slaine
Upping me when I was low
Purer that some cocaine
pain that's why I'm looking to the lamb who slaine
Living in sin gotta switch it like an audible
Sick of conviction so I'm lookin to the chronicle
Learned Terminology from Big Shug and Gangstarr
Akrobatiks got me Mr Lifted cause I Slaine bars

Can't forget the illest of Canadian hip hop 
Got Swollen
D12 Necro bang like it's Slaine
You a monk to the Pharoah 
Redman with tricks  
DMX with my dogs cos my Tribe Pound like a bitch

I'm blessed
But keep
been claimed
When the enemy's defeated, my demons are slaine
I want you to know that I will do the same
I'll do everything I can
I'll do everything I can
been claimed
When the enemy's defeated, my demons are slaine
I want you to know that I will do the same
I'll do everything I can
I'll do everything I can
insane: they're futuristic pictures of the past from which I came
And this is Slaine with a shotty in the hooptie son
My whole career's a robbery that

Ever since a little youth, I've been bent on stoupes, sipping gin and juice
In the booth, fill the dope game, shooting on bent up hoops
of July innocence was averted
Ill Bill, born on the same day Billy The Kid was murdered

(Verse 4: Slaine)
It's kill or be killed
So watch out for
They call me Slaine, the La Coka evangelist 
Our spoken languages provoking the scandalous 
You dummies are dead, dummy, there’s a gun to your head
of Slaine
Down the road to Hell but made it back without going insane
Thinking one step ahead of these lames
Same super group homie we the best in the game

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